What were george h.w. bush's views on abortion?

What were george h.w. bush's views on abortion?

What were george h.w. bush's views on abortion?


He supported abortion rights before he opposed them.


Pro-life, absolutely.


Pres.Bush believes in the holy gospel, OK


He supported the American Taliban aka the "pro-life" movement.


I think he understood the issue thats why he left it alone.


None of your business!


I don't think he enjoyed grinding their bones as much as Obama does .



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Would it be Constitutional if Obama used new law to force Bishops to provide employees with abortion coverage?
No it wouldn't be however Barack has no regard for the Constitution he simply ignores it

Politicians who are pro-abortion?
Pro-choice means nothing. In fact most "pro-choice" don't want to allow women carry the baby to term by helping them financially. Therefore they don't want women to have a choice. That's called being pro-abortion. But here are some pro-abortion politicians: In the United States: B. Hussein...

Are you pro-life or pro-choice?
I am Pro-Life, i have studied many different types of abortions. the statistics and the risks. i dont think that ending a life because of a mistake you made is right at all. i know people make mistakes...but there are consequences for those mistakes otherwise we would never learn form them...

How do i ask gynecologist if they perform abortions?
You ask him or her "Do you perform clinical abortions?" If no, ask for a referral, if that fails contact Planned Parenthood. And I hope you are not seeking this information for terroristic political reasons.

What is the law on abortions at this time? what areas of NY does it affect? ty for yur help?
Your friend is probably referring to the law that just cleared the Supreme Court banning intact dilation & extraction. You'll find a list of federal laws relating to abortion here: http://www.naral.org/choice-action-cente... And a list of NY state laws relating to abortion here: http://www...