What topic should i use for a satirical essay?

What topic should i use for a satirical essay?

What topic should i use for a satirical essay?


Where you can read A Modest Proposal (if you haven't yet, do it because it will help you a ton) http://art-bin.com/art/omodest.html This is a really good example to model your essay after. Some other topics are homelessness, world hunger, pro- or anti- vegitarianism, allowing or not allowing nuclear weapons. You have to present your argument as if you're defending the thing you're trying to prove wrong, but you're supposed to argue in a ridiculous and absurd manner so as to persuade the reader to be against what you're suggesting (so they're for what you actually believe). Also, the point is to be funny or disturbing. Example: From the point of view that we need to do something about homelessness. I feel it is important that we address the current issue of homelessness in America. How do we deal with the thousands of homeless people blocking doorsteps and sidewalks and disturbing us with their open hands grasping for change? First, we need to house them. We will send them to live in landfills where they can salvage cardboard boxes to build cardboard houses. This will also solve the issue of unemployment. This way, they can salvage any recyclable materials from the landfills and assist in helping the environment. This is beneficial because they will have somewhere to live and work. Yearly Americans discard 30.9 million tons of food. So, the homeless will also have food supply. This way, other Americans can feel charitable when they toss food into the garbage, knowing that it will be going to a homeless individual soon after. Competition will be promoted because each person will be searching for the best piece of cardboard to add to their extravagant abodes. If any conflicts arise, it is highly beneficial because if any die then we have one less homeless person to worry about. To help prevent revolution, the most outstanding homeless recyclers will be promoted to wardens who keep the others doing their jobs and provide any encouragement necessary, be it in the form of a firm pat on the back or a kick to the ribs. The wardens will be provided with the highest grade cardboard for their homes and the best discarded meals as payment for their duties. In this way, we will have housed all the homeless, fed them, and employed them as well. This will keep them out of our hair and help them to be productive members of society and assist in keeping the environment healthy. You may argue that this is inhumane to treat another human like this. That we should help them to get back on track, work in more advanced jobs, save money to pay for homes. But this is not inhumane. Homeless individuals are less than human because they don't pay taxes and they don't work and if they were honestly capable of being like the rest of us working, housed, tax paying people, then why aren't they off the streets already? Why would anyone want to show compassion to someone who has nothing? Why would anyone want to donate a couple dollars to a foundation that could supposedly "help" them? This is in the best interest of everyone. I am not homeless nor do I live in a cardboard house, so I am qualified to discuss this issue without being involved in it and therefore biased. Hopefully this helped. :) Good luck!


Do some sort of Alternative Medical Treatment (That Doesn't Work)



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