What punishment do Abortion Clinics Busted killing over 100 babies born alive deserve?

What punishment do Abortion Clinics Busted killing over 100 babies born alive deserve?

What punishment do Abortion Clinics Busted killing over 100 babies born alive deserve?


Infanticide is a crime. Clinics that can be shown to have permitted or covered up the disposal of a live birth lose their licenses and the doctor responsible would be charged with a minimum of manslaughter, but more likely murder, and lose their medical credentials. That is what the law is currently. That said, I do not see you providing any evidence that this is a wide spread problem in any way. The only example I have heard of involves the doctor already being on trial for his crimes.


"After the beheading, William Wallace's body was torn to pieces. His head was set on London Bridge, his arms and legs sent to the four corners of Britain as a warning."


Life in prison without parole - in a cell with Bubba.


A medal.


1. Abortion is legal. Come back when it isnt.


homicide. please don't post such inflammatory questions. It's gross and offensive.



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