What position should I take on abortion?(conservatives and liberals)?

What position should I take on abortion?(conservatives and liberals)?

What position should I take on abortion?(conservatives and liberals)?


Like you I am a Catholic. Most atheist people do not believe in God because they say there is no scientific proof that God exists. For these same reasons people believe in the Big Bang Theory and Darwin's theory that we evolved. If we decide to not use the Bible to discuss the abortion issue we an use what atheists, Darwinian's and Big Bang theorists use, we can use science. Non living things do not have DNA, the only thing that has DNA is living things such as plants, trees humans, animals- all living things have their own DNA and no set of DNA is exactly the same except in the case of identical twins. A woman does not produce sperm so she can not make herself pregnant without the help of a male. Once a man and woman are having sex and the sperm enters the woman's egg she becomes pregnant. At this very moment it is the conception, that egg and that sperm cell have joined and the DNA present is completely different than the DNA of either the mother or the father. The fetus, of course, shares the DNA of both parents but as it gets older it develops other sets of DNA which is unique to every individual on earth. The fetus may be within the mothers body but it is, by scientific fact, a different person and should be afforded the same right to life as the rest of us. The mother already made her choice when she decided to have sex. In particular she decided to have unprotected sex. So I ask this question, if a woman murders a person (not through abortion) should she still have the right to choose if she should go to jail or not ? What if she was having consensual sex with a man and killed him just after penetration. His penis was inside her body, why would that not be considered her right to choose? **EDIT Update" It seems to me that you have already made up your mind since I see a thumbs down for all of those of us that are pro-life and in one of your updates say that we are struggling with our pro-life answers. I have no problems with giving my reasons even in a non religious manner. If you are truly a Catholic you would know that you should support the life of the unborn. However you seem to be a Nancy Pelosi Catholic that defies the teaching of the Church and the printed word of God in the bible.


Couple of thoughts on the issue, for me personally 1. There are some circumstances where the mother's life is compromised by the pregnancy. If one women dies because the government is obstructing her from getting an abortion, then the government abortion limitations are wrong. Why should the government decide who lives and who dies? 2. Life begins at contraception, this is a science. But where does human life distinguish itself from fly life or cow life? i.e when do we become human beings. That's obviously a tough question, and I would argue that human mental capacity begins to develop around the 10th week (end of the first trimester) 3. I would be bothered if anybody had an abortion after the 10th trimester, the exception being if the mother's life was in danger. I don't know what I would do if I found out that the child had downs syndrome or something of that nature. In short, broad reaching government legislation doesn't fit in a situation where indivual circumstances must be measured.


People are generally against murder and it really has little to do with Christianity or religion. It is about what we as a society have deemed to be right vs. wrong. If you believe abortion is murder, there again, it goes way beyond any kind of religion, and goes right to the heart of your own personal morals. That is what makes you an individual thinking person and you dont need to worry about where you fit in with ithers. Just follow your heart and your gut on these things. I heard a woman on the radio the other day talking about her experience as an executive at planned parenthood. She had the occasion to attend to an abortion with a physicain. She said that on the ultrasound you could see the probe going into the uterus and the baby trying to get away from it and fight for its life. That image disturbed her so deeply that she quit Planned Parenthood and is now a pro life activist. I think it is hard for you to think that you might have something in common with some of us crazy conservatives - right? :)


Conservative here, formally prochoice (even as a conservative) First I want to say you have a morality issue with abortion- nothing wrong with that regardless of party. I hated being on the fence too!! This was what got me off the fence. BODY LAWS. Its illegal for a teen to have any medical procedure without consent of their parents, except abortions in 2/3 of our country. Prostitution is illegal in almost every state, not abortion We are forced to wear seatbelts and helmets (even though its our body) but not stopped from having an abortion. Drugs, same thing. Then we have the double standard where in crimes where pregnant women are murdered all of a sudden that same lump of cells is only considered a baby if the intent of the mother was to keep it, but its the same carbon material. Of course we can go into the reason that Planned Parenthood was instituted and that isnt pretty. There is a huge double standard in all of this and it has me thinking...what about killing a growing baby is so important that we are protecting just that right? I officially went pro-life about a year ago. I commend you for bringing up such a topic. I find I disagree with you alot, but even questioning this as you are is a positive thing regardless of what side of the fence you end up on.


Separation of Church and State means - no state sponsored religion (like the Church of England)...guaranteed you cold worship how you pleased. It does not deny ones religion. Abortion: If abortion was wide spread- perhaps you would not be around writing your question (nor I the answer). Other than religion, there is nothing that says killing of any sort is wrong. Theft is OKAY as is lying, cheating and stealing. Just like in Civil laws, you do not have the option of obeying some laws while selecting which laws you can choose to obey. Better to have no laws at all. Your call.


You may take whatever position you wish. You should remember however, that abortion is legal in the U.S. and will remain that way. The woman most certainly answers for the embryo or fetus, since it cannot live except through her. If she dies, it dies. The unborn have no wishes about living or dying. Just because there are people who would love to be parents, doesn't mean the government should force women to be baby breeding machines for the unfortunate people who cannot procreate on their own.


It's really simple: If you don't personally intend to give a very good life to the child that you just convinced a young woman not to abort then you have no business being a part of her decision making process. Simple enough ?


Tell me how you can think all pro-life people have to be religious, many people simply don't believe in killing babies because that is exactly what abortion is...I am always amazed when I see so many men are pro-choice, do they not understand if your wife or girlfriend were to become pregnant she can abort that child and you have absolutely no rights what so ever but yet if you choose to have a vasectomy you have to have your spouses written permission if you are married.


Well personally i think abortion is wrong because you are destroying something with the potential for great things. As a metaphor it is like planting a seed in the ground then as it has built its root you pull it from the ground. That seed could have grown into a big fruit bearing tree. Maybe an aborted baby could have been the next albert einstein or george washington or whatever. I also believe we as humans we do not have the right to take other humans' lives and personally i believe a fetus is a human life.



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