What movie is this scene from?

What movie is this scene from?

What movie is this scene from?


Its Juno!


The movie you tell above is definitely Juno... :D *even you are so sure that's not Juno* LOL



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Is it possible to get an abortion without your parents knowing?
That depends on your local state laws, some states are liberal and do not have any consent laws, other states are very strict. This site will explain your rights to birth control, pregnancy testing, condoms, emergency contraception (aka, "EC" or the "morning-after pill), HIV and STD testing...

How much will an abortion cost?
Info if you need it . . . . If you go to a Planned Parenthood clinic that has a low-income program it can be as cheap as 100$. If you tells them you have no job, no money and no support (ie no boyfriend or husband) they will likely have you pay the minimum for the procedure and get donations...

Women and teens who regret abortions?
I first got pregnant when i was 16 years old. I didnt know I was pregnant until my dad took me to the hospital for throwing up all the time. Because of that, my parents know that im pregnant. Immediately, they want me to get an abortion. Being a naive girl, I did what my parents asked me to...

What are some valid arguments on pro choice abortion?
Here are some of my thoughts as a pro-choice individual that supports abortion rights. It's not hard to justify an abortion when you're educated on pregnancy development and abortion procedures. Despite what many like to claim, a fetus or embryo is not a baby. And abortion is not murder, since...