What kind of physical effects does an abortion have on a woman's body?

What kind of physical effects does an abortion have on a woman's body?

What kind of physical effects does an abortion have on a woman's body?


No permanent bad effects, except in extremely rare cases when there are complications. Abortion is far safer than pregnancy and childbirth, so in that sense, abortion prevents a lot of problems and deaths. Abortion causes a sharp drop in hormones when the pregnancy is ended (as happens in miscarriages, too). That can cause a woman's emotions to get out of whack for a month or two. Otherwise, an abortion is like a D&C--the cervi is dilated and the walls of the uterus are cleaned out, but then they renew themselves with your monthly cycle afterwards.


As long as you go to a well established and legitimate clinic you shouldn't have too many physical issues. Vaginal or pelvic infections are pretty common but the doctor will probably give you antibiotics to prevent those things.



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