What is your opinion on the following: Abortion doesn't kill people. Unaborted babies kill people?

What is your opinion on the following: Abortion doesn't kill people. Unaborted babies kill people?

What is your opinion on the following: Abortion doesn't kill people. Unaborted babies kill people?


That is an unfair assumption. It is prejudging the person before he is born. That is a practice that our country has tried to abandon for years. it is no longer socially acceptable to believe that every black person you meet on the street is dangerous. This kind of judgement is not fair and should not be practiced by americans. Even assuming that a higher percentage of babies that would have been aborted do become killers, simply because a higher percentage of babies that would have been aborted might become killers does not that they all will. This is a generalization. If most of the Jews, or even more Jews than Germans, had really been "evil" would it have been right to kill them all (or even any of them for that matter)? This statement also brings up another logical fallacy. Certainly, more aborted babies would lead to less murders, but following this logic, why shouldn't every baby be aborted? Eventually there will be no people and there would be no murder! But aside from all that, since these babies are never given the chance to be born and become adults, the assumption that ANY of them would become killers cannot be supported since this has never (and can never) been tested. The entire argument is flawed and not thought out. Still, the best pro choice argument is to say illegalizing abortion violates our rights in the 1st and 9th amendments. Illegalizing abortion could, conceivably, violate the right to privacy. Other than that, any argument from the pro-choice stance is based primarily on emotion.


thats just wrong either way i mean i get wat youre getting at and all but i mean abortion is wrong and how are we as people going to know who is going to kill someone usally all babies good to the bone yah they can cry alot but that about it oh and throw up on you but the anger and violance isnt shown till the child is older. i mean i dont agree with abortion at all and if the anger doesnt show till youre older do you know ne one who would be capable of killing a kid that they can see with there own eyes i mean it really is the same as killin a baby. which is sick no offence intended on the people that have had an abortion but i mean its just wrong.


It is sophomoric nonsense. Abortion is too serious an issue to be addressed with platitudes.


It makes no sense. But I give you a star anyway! Oh, what about this one: Abortion doesn't kill people, conjoined sperm and egg kill themeselves.


Ok, this is nonsense. Abortion is killing a person no matter what ignorant statement you add behind it.


A few women die each year in "safe legal abortions." http://www.abortionfacts.com/abortion/nu...


This is your brain on drugs. Just say no.


thats nonsense to me and my opinion is read the bible and then ask the question again if you need more clarity...





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