What is the side effect to the woman or mother having abortion?

What is the side effect to the woman or mother having abortion?

What is the side effect to the woman or mother having abortion?


I am pro choice.... yes, there are side effects.. if it is done wrong you could die.. or have such medical side effects that could put you in the hospital.. if it is done correctly most might be emotional..


it's usually all emotional rather then physical side effects.





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I totally disagree that this forum is not appropriate. This is the "pregnancy" section, not the "trying to conceive" section. If you don't want to hear about abortion then 1) don't leave the "ttc" section and 2) don't read questions that clearly say they are about abortion! Grow up folks...

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i think it is sad, and it kind of makes me think also like a poem about if you have lost a baby to stillbirth, miscarriage or something else. i have lost my first i was 22weeks pregnant and that is what i though of while i was reading it.

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Just wait a bit and take another test. Just because one pregnancy resulted in birth defects doesn't mean the other ones will. Don't worry.

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okay yes it is wrong to have an abortion but on cases like say you got raped or a little girl got raped you are gonna make a baby herself go threw that much pain? and yes a baby has a heart beat and all that but it is up to the woman that is prego to make that decision and if thats her decision...

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