What is the safest and easiest way in doing abortion?

What is the safest and easiest way in doing abortion?

What is the safest and easiest way in doing abortion?


If you find out you are pregnant you have two options when it comes to an abortion. One is surgical, you will go into the clinic where they will give you either local or general anasthesia, both are safe (they will screen you for any allergies, medications, etc, just be honest with them) , the whole process will probably take about 10 min and then into few hours of recovery, which is really just couple hours to make sure you are not bleeding more than normal (will feel like a heavy period). If you are up to 8 weeks you can have medical abortion where you will take two pills over few days and it will make you miscarry. Surgical abortion sounds more invasive but seems to be a little easier since you don't have to make 3 trips to the doctor as it is with the pill. Also with the pills there are about 5% chance you didn't miscarry so you will have to follow up with surgical. And surgical abortion is less discomfort, you will feel slight cramping but i know someone who went with the pills and because it takes few days you have deal with the cramps and all that longer. There are also financial assistance available if you can't pay for it. Remember, it is your choice and dont let anyone put you on a guilttrip or tell you how you will get cancers and all kind of stuff just to talk you out of it. Abortions are safe and really not that much of a hassle.


Your doctor is the one who can prescribe the morning-after pill, if it is a recent sexual intercourse. Then s/he will give you a lecture on being careful.


omg whats wrong with you? are u too dumb to learn from the first time?? if u dont wanna get pregnant use a f***ing condom. chicks now a days dont understand how serious unprotected sex is. you just irritated me



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