What is the pro choice argument on abortion?

What is the pro choice argument on abortion?

What is the pro choice argument on abortion?


Why are some of the pro-lifers on here, asserting that those who are pro-choice, are also pro-abortion? I doubt anyone would rather see a woman in a typical situation have an abortion, as being 'pro-abortion' would suggest. Firstly, I very much doubt abortion restrictions will do much to actually reduce the rate of abortion - instead all it will do is take those seeking abortions to alley ways for 'backstreet abortions'. A shocking statistic that 78,000 women die from unsafe abortions should alone make people stop and think (especially those who are pro-life), in thinking that their strategy is flawed. Secondly, there is a whole lot more that could be done to reduce abortion rates through comprehensive sex education, that would go far in stopping many from making the mistakes others did that led to them having to get an abortion. Unfortunately many pro-life countries also oppose the use of contraception, as highlighted in the link below from The Young Turks - but I'll get to that later. It surprises me that so many actually believe politicians have any conviction when they say they are pro-life. You only need to look at Mitt Romney, who once declared himself to be pro-choice, but (would you believe it?!), is now pro-life - anyone made the link there? A video report from The Young Turks found that pro-life countries have higher abortion rates. They said this was mainly down to the fact that many pro-life countries prohibited the use of contraception, but also cited other factors. Take a look at the link below for more details. Ultimately however, I do not think the government should have any means to restrict what we can do with our own bodies (I say that, even though I'm a guy and therefore not capable of becoming impregnated, ha.) - all I can say is thank god Rick Santorum didn't build up that runners-up momentum from New Hampshire.


I was very pro choice in the 60s, i went on marches and everything, but as i have got older i realise that it is not that simple, a young girl who gets pregnant and has no family support could have the child and give it up for adoption couldn't she? But then you get the reply, but she should not be forced to have a baby if she doesn't want one? it is never going to be solved, in the end it comes down to your beliefs and your experiences doesn't it? At the end of the day i think women need to be more pro active in contraception, no man came near me without a condom! Its slightly different if a woman has been raped, she should not be forced to have her rapist's child, although i know a woman who did that, saying quite rightly that the baby is an innocent in it all, but she had to have the baby adopted.


Abortion is a safe medical procedure and the decision of if an abortion is appropriate should be between a woman and her doctor. Government has no business interfering in this personal decision. No one is "pro abortion" but many believe in leaving the government out of the reproductive choices a woman makes for herself.


there are many different arguments. the one you'll come across most is the "it's the woman's body, others shouldn't have a say in the matter". choice is choice. most pro-choicers still prefer people not to abort, but can't justify it being illegal. qwennie's answer is long, but very good.


A women's right to have a decision to have rights to her own reproductive organs. So a child isn't born to a woman who is unloving and will abandon it, even by killing it after its born (dumpster babies). Some don't consider a fetus life yet. Also the United States used to have abortion illegal and doctors that were not against abortion or wanted money would still perform it illegally and without proper medical devices that would create more unsanitary gruesome procedures on the black market.


I agree with Time For Heroes' answer. I also think that abortion is dependant on circumstances ie rape, danger to mother or child etc, but never as a form of contraception. And I certainly don't think clinics should be allowed to advertise themselves on TV. It would feel like to me as a woman (who mayn't be able to have children, no fault of my own) and to others like me, as a shoving it in the face!


That in some cases it's better that an unconscious foetus be terminated than brought up unloved, in care or disabled. EDIT: I don't think anybody is pro-abortion. If a women finds herself in a situation where abortion seems like the best way forward then that is always an unfortunate circumstance, but ultimately it is her decision to decide what's best for her, not pious hypocrites who've done nothing their whole life but judge others.


I'm not an expert but I think that pro choice means you can choose to have the baby


Pro Choice means exactly what it says. We are for women having control over their own bodies, life and future. It is a LEGAL medical procedure. All women should be able to choose and to have that choice. Until a person walks in someone elses shoes, they have no right to make that choice for them.



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