What is the farthest along you can be, before getting an abortion?

What is the farthest along you can be, before getting an abortion?

What is the farthest along you can be, before getting an abortion?


I think its 24 or 25 weeks in the UK, and around 22 weeks in the US. Not sure exactly. I've never understood getting an abortion THAT far a long though... i mean, everything is almost half way over, you know? Oh well. Not my choice, so people can do what they want. This community has a LOT more info on abortion, if you're looking into it just for curiousitys sake or a debate or anything at all, I've found it to be very informative. Most sites are very anti abortion, so its rather difficult to come across helpful information regarding abortions. http://community.livejournal.com/abortio...


Depends on the state laws. Many will let you abort up to the age of viability....23/24 weeks. Some will allow it after that if the health of the mother is in danger or if the fetus is already dead.


It's legally 13 weeks (3 months & a week) but most doctors won't do it past 9 weeks (2 months & a week)


25 Weeks in the UK , personally i dont no why anyone would leave it that long as the baby would actually have a good chance of survival at that stage.


generally they will not do them after twelve weeks, doesn't matter what your stance on it is, partial birth is horryfying! good luck to your friend


have her watch "abortion video 3" on youtube.



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