What is the difference between constitutionality and personal morality/opinion?

What is the difference between constitutionality and personal morality/opinion?

What is the difference between constitutionality and personal morality/opinion?


Apparently these days people think laws should be based on their own personal whims most of the time. "One Nation under God says it all!" That was not in the original constitution writted by the founding fathers. It was added later. God did not give you rights either. It is your constitution that gives you rights.


constitutional is a federal legality issue... marriage and abortion are not in the bill of rights and should be a state issue.


The fore fathers wrote the constitution based on the morals of God.This is a fact, all you liberals should get this thru your heads.If you take god, and the morality out of the constitution you destroy America and all it stands for! One Nation under God says it all!God gave us Americans our rights, not the government.The fore fathers made this clear.No matter how you twist it that is the way it is! As christian the constitution protects me as an individual from paying for abortions that my religion forbids.If what you say is true than you have to understand how abortions are unconstitutional!


One reason why you don't need to pass a Constitutional amendment by voter referendum.


Michael, they wrote it based upon Enlightenment ideals that were abundant in the 18th century though Voltaire, Locke, etc. The founders weren't really Christian, they believed in God, but not Jesus.


Both the Left and Right have decided it's important to legislate individuals lives on the Federal level.


one is unable to be changed while the other can.



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