What is the democratic view on abortion?

What is the democratic view on abortion?

What is the democratic view on abortion?


That a woman's right to self-determination as it regards her health, body, safety and life supercede the rights of a fetus. That abortion should, therefore, remain a safe and legal procedure. Individual Democrats may vary somewhat in their acceptance of abortion as a legal option during different trimesters- and some individual Democrats may have personal, moral, or religious objections to abortion but still support a woman's legal right to choose. Individual Democrats may differ on restrictions to abortion availability and the implementation of abortion requirements, such as pre-procedure counseling, education, waiting periods, parental consent, allowable abortion referrals from government-funded programs and facilities, etc.- and some individual Democrats would quite plainly say they favor safe, effective, inexpensive and widely available birth control over abortion as the better means for a woman to determine her own fate. Contrary to the first answerer's opinion, not many people at all think there's "nothing wrong" with abortion. The complexity of my answer above merely scratches the surface of the different issues involved in abortion decisions and legislation. No one "likes" abortion and almost no one regards it casually, but what unites the Democratic party is simply the platform that it should remain legal and safe, all individual caveats aside.


There isn't an official Democratic party view on abortion but since Democrats tend towards a more liberal view than do Republicans, many of them are pro-choice.


There view is that you are an idiot to generalize all Dems as Pro-Choice, and all Reps as Pro-Life. In actuality it's a persons individual choice to choose. So stop generalizing, nimrod.


The Democrats are fine with murder. In fact the Democrats want us to pay for abortions all over the globe, they are not content in killing just children in the U.S. they love killing babies so much that they want to kill them all over the world. Very SICK!!!!


Well they've got to get their human sacrifices in there someway. Don't worry euthanasia is next so don't let your insurance run out. The Good choice The Right choice The Only choice LIFE!


Varies, but generally speaking it's pro-choice.


Here is the 2000 stand: http://www.issues2000.org/Celeb/Democrat...


I am pretty far left but my opinion is the more the better......you need a license to drive a car but anyone can pop out a kid c'mon...........last thing we need is more unwanted babies being born to unskilled uneducated unemployed parents.


It is up to the woman and her Dr. to decide. Period.



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