What is the cut-off date for an abortion?

What is the cut-off date for an abortion?

What is the cut-off date for an abortion?


Well, in Illinois the you can get them up to 5months. the ones in usually the later part of the fourth month and the fifth you have to get done in a hospital. And you stay their for about 2-3 days.


That differs state to state


12-24 weeks depends on where you live


it varies state to state but something like 3rd month, then it has to pose some sort of health risk!


abortion is mean they chop the baby up and suck it out of you don't get it



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Yes. Read this story of Abby Johnson, who was an Employee of the Year at Planned Parenthood, who quit after she saw a baby struggle against the suction device during an ultrasound guided abortion. http://www.abbyjohnson.org/about/ Abortion ends a life. It's wrong and leaves many women in...

Can u die from an abortion?
this occurs rarely when an improperly trained provider performs the abortion. Or you go to a bad facility. As an example, do not drive to mexico and get a back ally abortion, those have higher rates of death and infection than an abortion performed at your local hospital. overall, when done...

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Actually, he could get in trouble because what is happening between them is considered stat rape in the US. Now to answer your question: The law in AZ states that at least one parent has to be present if the minor is to have an abortion. You will also have to make 2 separate appointments to...

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When the human sperm and egg join to form a zygote, you have a cell that is capable of eating, producing waste, and making new cells. That meets the scientific definition of life. The question everyone asks at that point is, "But is it human life?" The sperm came from a human, the egg came...