What is the cheapest easiest form of abortion? PLEASE!! I really need help!!?

What is the cheapest easiest form of abortion? PLEASE!! I really need help!!?

What is the cheapest easiest form of abortion? PLEASE!! I really need help!!?


The cheapest, easiest form of abortion is the abortion pill, which costs between $300 and $800. But you have to get the abortion early- it can be used only up to 63 days after the first day of your last period. Go to: http://www.plannedparenthood.org/health-... Wait to see if you get your period and then if you don't, get a pregnancy test about two and a half weeks later. (If you use a home test, be sure to follow the instructions exactly- otherwise the results may not be accurate.) But you may very likely not be pregnant. And if you're not pregnant, let this be a wake-up call. You don't want to go through this panic again. Get onto some kind of birth control. Condoms are better than nothing, but there are other better methods. For advice, go to www.plannedparenthod.org -- there is a box on the right where you can find a clinic near you. Let us know what happens! We are worried about you.


If it was only a few days ago can you go to the doctor or pharmacy and get the morning after pill this will halt any pregnancy. However it is highly unlikely that you became pregnant after one first time nervous attempt. You can't confirm any pregnancy until after a missed period and then take a pregnancy test. If you are overly worried about the possibility of pregnancy your next period may be late due to the stress. If you find out that you are pregnant and need an abortion you must visit a doctor


There really is no cheap way of abortion. If you have really really good health insurance, then yes, I guess it wouldn't cost so much. And don't take anything too far before you're completely sure you're pregnant. It could cost you even more if you do. Also, be prepared for some hate answers (About you aborting the baby).


There is no easy form. Look some up you can take a pill or go to an abortion clinic an abortion usually costs around 350 dollars. Also a 15 year old girl at our school had her baby yesterday she named her Isabella Marie. Anyway You could put the baby up for adoption instead. Oh well it's your choice


Forget anyone telling you not to do it. And frankly I commend you for making a smart decision after making a not so smart decision! I would suggest planned parenthood for you idk if they have them in your area I think they mostly deal with teens. If it's early enough which I hope for your sake it is you can take a pill and have a sort of miscarriage. I'm not sure about prices or anything. Here in california women receive a green medical card and it pays for birth control. If it's not early enough in the pregnancy you will most likely have an abortion. Which is what I had and even with that green card I still had to pay 300$ good luck hun


Talk to your parents, or a trusted teacher. Get an adult you can trust to help you. Don't let anyone force you or guilt you in to keeping the baby- it is your life and you are way too young to be a mum. Be strong.


Go to your family Dr. find out if your even pregnant. Then he will give you options. Legally it's going to cost you either way ILLEGALLY can get you locked up for a very very long time.. Go with LEGAL options. Go to dr. or nearest planned parenthood.


Don't do anything stupid to your body!!! In the future you may want to have children. Look online for Pregnacy clinics in your area and call them!


First, wait and see if you really are pregnant. And good luck because there is no cheap way. You gotta pay the consequences. Don't kill an innocent life. I'm 15 too, and i gotta live with this big change as well.



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