What is so controversial about the abortion bill Texas just passed?

What is so controversial about the abortion bill Texas just passed?

What is so controversial about the abortion bill Texas just passed?


They want to close 49 of the 52 abortion clinics in Texas, and then go on to ban abortion in Texas, completely removing the choice factor. A lot of people protest against this type if breach of rights


Liberals don't feel that women deserve sanitary conditions with a doctor who is qualified to be in the nearest hospital to follow up on botched abortions.They would rather leave it to unregistered doctors performing in horrid conditions and for the hospitals to get left with the bills and Lawsuits.


it won't let people like Planned Parenthood to lobby young women to abort their babies!..can't have THAT!


It's unconstitutional.



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Is abortion legal in Florida? Is there any law that says it?
It is legal nationwide, as the Supreme Court said in Planned Parenthood v. Casey. States may place certain restrictions, but may not ban it altogether.

Abortion rates are the same in countries regardless of whether the procedure is legal or not.?
I think you would have a hard time finding accurate citations for these "facts." So, out of the 42 million (estimated) abortions performed worldwide in 2003, 67 million died of complications? A good debater would tear that stat apart. (try 70,000 die from unsafe abortions per year, depending...

How many abortions have been performed in the US since Roe V Wade was decided?
Over 55 million. (That includes residual cost). I think in 2007 the number of actual abortions in the US were around 34 million. And with several million performed per year the number would be higher today. The residual cost of abortion includes those lives that would exist if the babies...

How long can I wait to get an abortion?
Most of these answers are complete bollocks. The cut off point is not 13 weeks (maybe it is where you live, but that's not the case everywhere). Also, whoever it was that that said 'your choice was to have sex'. Yes, sex is a choice, just as having a termination is a choice. Contraception...