What is so controversial about the abortion bill Texas just passed?

What is so controversial about the abortion bill Texas just passed?

What is so controversial about the abortion bill Texas just passed?


They want to close 49 of the 52 abortion clinics in Texas, and then go on to ban abortion in Texas, completely removing the choice factor. A lot of people protest against this type if breach of rights


Liberals don't feel that women deserve sanitary conditions with a doctor who is qualified to be in the nearest hospital to follow up on botched abortions.They would rather leave it to unregistered doctors performing in horrid conditions and for the hospitals to get left with the bills and Lawsuits.


it won't let people like Planned Parenthood to lobby young women to abort their babies!..can't have THAT!


It's unconstitutional.



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Was there abortion in biblical times?
Yes. Although I would like to point out that the examples you describe aren't exactly on par with abortion as we understand it- you're citing verses about priests administering abortifacient concoctions to women against their will. A better illustration of the availability of abortion like...

In june of 2005 there was a song that came out & the video was of a woman having an abortion...do you know?
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Where to get a abortion in staten island NY?
Look up Planned Parenthood on the internet, then search for one in your area, they should be able to help you. I am sure you are more then two weeks, since you wouldn't even know at two weeks.

Did they make abortion illegal in North Carolina?
Nope they didn't and won't. The current abortion fights are trying to limit it to 20 weeks and under (4 1/2 months, if you can't get it done by then seriously wtf?). Also trying to limit it to professional clinics and hospitals. Requiring parental notice and in some cases parental consent if...

What percentage of people in Texas support new abortion bill . . .?
A poll by the University of Texas at Austin and the Texas Tribune showed that 62 percent of Texans support the post-20-week abortion ban. Nationally, about that same percentage of Americans support that ban. Most people understand that children at that age are fully formed. Our little granddaughter...