What is our future with abortion?

What is our future with abortion?

What is our future with abortion?


I don't think abortion has much of an impact on how many children a woman chooses to have. Most women have some idea of how many children they want and will have the same number regardless of whether or not they have abortions. They are over 7 billion people on the planet and legal abortion isn't any threat there. Abortion has been around for hundreds of years legally and illegally. What is a greater threat is that the earth is reaching its limits when it comes to feeding humanity.


I don't think there are any articles about abortions leading to more women turning to assistance with pregnancy. I have heard that alot of women who've had countless abortions when they were young have a difficult time getting pregnant when they are older or just have no children period. In my opinion its all about individual choice. Afterall, no one holds your hand to guide you and help you take of your children. I wish that more young people would wait until they are ages of 17/18 to have sex and take precautions to protect themselves through some form of birth control so that the incidents of abortions go down. I just can imagine the emotional stress that goes along with it.


Charlene- before you start calling anyone stupid, think about what you just said. "An abortion is the ending of a pregnancy". As an anatomy and physiology major, i think you look more stupid if you suggest a fetus is not a living thing. Your "perception" of when life begins is not based on fact. I am uncertain about the future of abortion, but would hope that more young women who choose to be sexually active will have free or cheap access to birth control without parental approval. After all, I would hope mothers would be more understanding If they found out their children were sexually active via pregnancy instead of finding her birth control pills. This all equaling fewer abortions, I would sincerely hope. Thumbs down me all you want :) pro-life and proud.


Over time, people who have no problem with killing babies will have less children. Proponents of abortion will become an ever smaller percentage of the population.


I dont see how those things are related.



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