What is natural abortion :]?

What is natural abortion :]?

What is natural abortion :]?


The correct medical term for a miscarriage is actually abortion, however in layman's terms the word abortion generally means to end a pregnancy by choice. I don't think abortion if used in the correct or incorrect way can ever be considered 'good'. TBH I don't think I understand your question.


natural abortion typically means consuming herbs and natural items that cause a miscarriage. Whether it is good or bad is really a personal thing. There is no straight answer for that. from what I found, it only works about 50% of the time and really only in the first trimester.


Natural abortion is the same thing as miscarriage.


I have never heard of it :P But i am totally against abortions anyway THEY ARE NOT NATURAL. Only God can take life x x x


It's the use of coathangers in your vagina! It's super fun. I guess it was true when mama always said that abortion really brings out the kid in you!


didn't think there was such thing as natural abortion.


Miscarrying or stillborn. It's bad.


Poking a long pointy twig up yourself? :-)


never heard of it



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