What is medication induced abortion?.?

What is medication induced abortion?.?

What is medication induced abortion?.?


You can get it without a parent knowing, I don't know where you live so I can't tell you how much but basically it is a series of needles and pills administered by a doctor (you can only get this if you are less than 7 weeks pregnant) and you go about three or four times within a week or so. the medications are in regulated doses and consist of medication often given to cancer patients (to stop the growth of the fetus) and medication to flush it out of your system.


AND ADOPTION?(IF THERE ARE PROBLEMS TO KEEP THE BABY) If you can't keep it I suggest you to give it up for adoption....there are a lot of couple who want to adopt...inform about this option that is better than abortion :) YOUR child needs to live,it will SMILE and in this smile you’ll see its “THANKS”. this is a NEW AND UNREPETABLE human being. If we thought that a person has to die just because he\she little I would be VERY scared because this is the "survival of the fittest"law,don't you think? ...it's IMPOSSIBLE to have a child that is the same as the other even if this is so little :) I was so litttle too.. You too :) So he\she just need to grow up,that's it :) You must think also about what is the best for YOUR child ? is there really a reason this child cannot live?I do not think so :) don't worry,maybe your parents at the beginning might be a bit angry then they will be help you because they love you :) say to them that this is their grandson\grandaughter too.. maybe NOW you're so young then you will be older and you will be VERY happy with your child :) When you’ll have a chil you’ll think:why did I abort that child and why doesn’t this one? Think about it. YOUR CHILD ONLY NEEDs TO GROW UP THEN IT WILL BE LIKE THIS: Think about it. http://www.google.it/imgres?q=bambino&um... If there are problem you can give it up for adoption ! You kill him\her with the abortion, and even if you kill him to twenty years ..it's the same...! do not abort it! And do not use contraceptives! Say yes to life ... YOU LIVE THE SEX IN THE BEST WAY ONLY IN A SAINT PROJECT OPEN TO THE LIFE(CATHOLIC MARRIAGE)… Remember that you can give the baby up for ADOPTION! If your mother aborted you .. you would not be born! The same to you if she aborted you or if she killed you when you were 6 ... THINK ALSO ABOUT YOUR CHILD’S RIGHTS ? Think about it. say Yes to life =) maybe a friend can help you to TELL YOUR PARENTS,THEY love you and will help with teh child but if they will force you to abort please tell them when it's too late to abort


Personally I would not even consider that option, you will regret it!



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