What is an incomplete abortion?

What is an incomplete abortion?

What is an incomplete abortion?


I don't know how uncommon it is- I've heard it's a possibility though. I heard about a woman who tried to get an abortion 2 times with the same pregnancy and still ended up having the child.


Sounds very wierd & uncommon to me. I've heard of an incomplete abortion before. I means when they don't get all the fetus out & have to go back to get it all. But never have I heard of someone actually having a healthy baby after one. That baby is definetley here for a reason. You should thank God.


This can happen. Alot of babies are born after an abortion, usually though its the method they use that involves putting a chemical into the uterus to burn the baby...cant remember the word....most times, the baby is deformed. Glad your child made it through.


I have never heard of an incomplete abortion. I have heard of the partial birth abortion of course. But never knew you could have a child after aparently having it aborted. That must have been a sign!


No it is not uncommon. That is actually a risk that can happen that they don't always tell you about. It happened to my sister & her baby is now 8 months old, perfectly healthy, absolutely happy & beautiful!


That's strange...unless after you had the abortion, you got pregnant again right after, since it's supposed to be easier to get pregnant once you have been pregnant before.


It's not very common, however most of the time when that happens the fetus is deformed. So you're pretty lucky she came out alright.


I'm guessing you had the medical abortion? Sometimes it doesnt always work.


I've never heard of that before



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