What is a way to make a bill supporting pro-life stance of abortion that's also fair for pro-choice advocates?

What is a way to make a bill supporting pro-life stance of abortion that's also fair for pro-choice advocates?

What is a way to make a bill supporting pro-life stance of abortion that's also fair for pro-choice advocates?


There is no way to bring the two sides under one bill. The hard core pro-lifers are opposed to all abortions. Pro-choice is opposed to making any abortions illegal. My own belief: I would not choose abortion, but I don't have the right to make that decision for anyone else. I do think some people would accept some reasons for abortion as opposed to others: severely damaged fetus, inability to care for children already here, mother's health, rape, incest, very young girls, etc. The major opposition, I think, is to abortion used as casual birth control: the woman simply does not want to go through a pregnancy. However, the hard core opponents of abortion accept no reasons.


Making elective abortions available only up to 16 weeks, execpt in cases of rape and for the mothers life. 16 weeks because it is generally agreed upon based on studies ,that a fetus/baby begins to feel pain in the womb anywhere between 17 weeks and 22 weeks. Research is still being done, so it cannot be determined yet. Also, i chose 16 weeks as the cut off point because babies have survived and thrived after failed abortions as early as 16-17 weeks. parental consent required for females 17 and under, but not give the parent the choice of whether to abort the girl's baby if she is 13 and up- shes old enough to make the choice on her own at that point. Girls that become pregnant at a age younger than 13 , are usually rape victims. no required visits to crisis pregnancy centers as some states will have soon.. employees of planned parenthood and other clinics that advertise that they provide support and 'options' should be taught of the adoption process and be able to explain how things work to a young woman if that's what she wants to do, and be given the phone numbers,addresses and anything else to help plan an adoption ( To my understanding, most clinics have just have one or two phone numbers for adoption agencies on record, and the staff are never taught about the process or how things work to plan adoption). Woman further than 16 weeks that say they were impregnated by a rape should be required to file a record with the police about it, and clinic staff should be trained to preform rape kits on the survivors/victims. More studies by the FDA on RU486 medical abortion pills - there have been nearly 10 deaths and even more injuries due to its use in abortion and its estimated to be only 50 % effective, since it often leaves traces of the fetus/baby behind.Legal birth control ,covered by insurance for medical reasons that require it, and 50 % or more discount with insurance if used only for contraceptive reasons. Abortionists/abortion doctors must have a special license to preform them, and have it be renewed by attending demonstrations every 3 to 5 years (like attorneys do) to ensure their practice is kept up to date. Also, if the doctor is accused of any deaths,assaults or injuries caused by an abortion he or she preformed, the local police must do an investigation, if more are filed against the doctor, the investigation must be taken over by the government. Adoptions should also be made cheaper, but not ridiculously cheap. currently, it costs thousands to adopt a child.. many of the people looking to adopt are couples who could not have a child on their own. Fertility treatments alone are very costly, and i see no reason as to why they must spend thousands more than they should have to. other changes should also be check ups on adoptive families every few years to make sure the child is just as safe as when the couple adopted the child. i am prolife, but recognize abortion will likely never be illegal again. i've always thought that what i said above would be rather equal (sorry the word i'm looking for has slipped my mind) gwennie- the 16 week baby survived with medical attention soon after the failed abortion. Like in the stories of many of the abortion survivors, she was saved thanks to a nurse calling to a hospital for them to do what they could for the baby. Once healthy enough to leave the hospital, she was put up for adoption.. i'll try to find the article again since you asked and provided sources of your own. I was not aware of that study, but are you aware that theres been quite a few recent studies on it, with varying results? i wouldnt be surprised if that study was biased, considering the uk is very pro choice, and could get in trouble if they found something 'anti-choice' to be true. In the USA,and other countries having debates like ours, the studies are less likely to be one sided.


A lot of pro-choice folks are willing to concede to time restrictions (i.e. no elective abortion past the second trimester), so that might be one. EDIT: @Meg: I'm curious as to where you heard about a preterm baby being born at 16 weeks and surviving? As far as I know, Amillia Taylor is the earliest preterm baby born and to have survived, and that was at 21 weeks (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/6384... ). If you have a link, it'd be much obliged! Also, I wonder if you're aware of the RCOG's fairly recent study on fetal pain? Britain's Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has found that nerve endings in the fetal brain aren't developed enough before 24 weeks to signal any pain. Thus, says the College's report, "It can be concluded that the foetus cannot experience pain in any sense prior to this gestation." (http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn19... ) "its estimated to be only 50 % effective, since it often leaves traces of the fetus/baby behind." Source?


You really can't find much of a middle-ground, as one side considers it murder - how do you find a middle ground when one side defines it in such stark terms? The thing is, your best option is to make it a non-issue. Realpolitik your way through this. I had to in AP US History years ago as mock Speaker of the House, and you can too.


no that is impossible. one group is for making abortion illegal and the other wants it legal so a bill would have to go either way thus disappointing one of the groups


Write a bill that bans abortion for all social conservatives and bans social conservative doctors and nurses from performing any abortion services.....and leave the rest of us out of it.


its legal get over it



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