What if the surgical tools abortion doctors used to perform abortions were restricted?

What if the surgical tools abortion doctors used to perform abortions were restricted?

What if the surgical tools abortion doctors used to perform abortions were restricted?


How f*cking retarded are you? Abortion rates have been sharply declining for decades despite its legalization. And how can you argue against abortion when you are willingly ignorant on the actual laws and regulations around it. Abortion regulations are broken down into the three trimesters of pregnancy. When the fetus is too under-developed to live outside the womb independently, it is considered apart of the woman's body. Thus it is protected. Once the baby can live independently outside the womb (about 26 weeks), then abortions are illegal unless there is severe developmental issues that threaten the mother's life. We dont need to restrict abortions. We simply need to keep educating people on better ways to prevent pregnancy like condoms, spermicides, and birth control pills. Restricting abortions simply means women will use more dangerous methods to get an abortion.


Zero effect.



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