What happenes to the fetus during the medical abortion?

What happenes to the fetus during the medical abortion?

What happenes to the fetus during the medical abortion?


A fetus cannot feel pain until 20 weeks, that's when the brain develops those sensations. I do not agree with abortions, however, I would never judge someone who got one. It's their body. It's called women's rights for a reason. And if a fetus was a fully developed human being, it would be called a baby, not a fetus. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but NO ONE is entitle to judging someone else's! Idk if you are asking for yourself or not, but if you are, It's your body and your choice, just please make sure it's what you really want so you don't have any regrets. And ignore those ignorant ppl who think they are God, and have the right to judge you. Good luck in whatever you decide to do!


dont impart your views on others if thats not what your doing.. noone can know if a fetus feels pain but their neurological system is far from fully developed at 8 weeks. the medical abortion induses bleeding and rutpture of the placenta from the wall of the uterus and then the fetus and sac is expelled vaginally


You DO know that "Silent Scream" is a particularly vile piece of propaganda, right? Not reality. At 8 weeks the fetus does not 'go through' anything. It's not sentient yet.


At eight weeks it's just vacuumed out. It doesn't even have bones developing at that time. Most scientists agree that it doesn't start to feel pain at least until 24 weeks, many push it back until the third trimester. Silent scream is outdated propaganda that has been shot down so many times that it's not even fun any more.


I honestly don't care how many weeks' your baby is. Abortion is not the awnser, that's your own blood child and you wanna abort it? a fetus is still a baby no matter how little.


I heard they breaks the fetus into pieces to get it out... Use youtube to search for videos relating to this.



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