What forms do abortions come in?

What forms do abortions come in?

What forms do abortions come in?


I might add that the D & C mentioned above is not an abortion. It' s a medical procedure used to remove any remaining tissue that is left after a woman has had a spontaneous abortion (in other words, miscarriage)


From the quote above....don't bring a baby in this world you can't take care of if you think that's right. There are too many homeless children.


Don't bring such a sinful, terrible thing to the faith and religion section!


Wrong section. You should be in the Health section.


yes IT IS ALL FOR WUSSES....MANY THOUSANDS WISH TO ADOPT SO DONT KILL innocent babies...troll wrong foard



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No. Forcing someone, no matter who they are to have an abortion is illegal. Period. Even if you are considered a "minor" and you're parents are looking after you, it is not up to anybody but the person who is pregnant to decide if they want to have an abortion or not. If anyone tries to force...

Abortion: pro-choice arguments?
The main reason I am pro choice is situations vary and ultimately it is not any of my business. I kept my children, I was broke but I found a way on my own to raise them without anyone's assistance. The point being it was my choice, I actually had some friends tell me I should get an abortion...

Where can i get safe and successful abortion?
Please don't get an abortion.. that is a baby inside of you. It has a heartbeat. How would you like it if your mother made a mistake and got pregnant and murdered you!!!!!! You should not kill an innocent child when it was your fault you are pregnant to begin with! Go through the pregnancy...

If abortion was ever made illegal...?
Of course that's exactly what it would result in. Anybody with sense who accepts reality understands that. People who argue against legal abortion, the only thing I can figure is that they for some reason don't understand or accept this fairly obvious concept, or they just don't care. But ask...

Why do some Republicans equate women's rights (equal rights) to abortion?
Republicans bring up the abortion factor to stir up conservatives and stop the effort dead in its tracks. Big business doesn't want to be forced into equal pay- GOP lovers of the ideal of low taxes don't want to support education for women or health care. So they mention abortion and suddenly...