What forms do abortions come in?

What forms do abortions come in?

What forms do abortions come in?


I might add that the D & C mentioned above is not an abortion. It' s a medical procedure used to remove any remaining tissue that is left after a woman has had a spontaneous abortion (in other words, miscarriage)


From the quote above....don't bring a baby in this world you can't take care of if you think that's right. There are too many homeless children.


Don't bring such a sinful, terrible thing to the faith and religion section!


Wrong section. You should be in the Health section.


yes IT IS ALL FOR WUSSES....MANY THOUSANDS WISH TO ADOPT SO DONT KILL innocent babies...troll wrong foard



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To combat the barrage of guilt trips you've already started getting for a legitimate question from those who assume all and know nothing, there is a site committed to positive abortion experiences: www.imnotsorry.net. My friend had a medical abortion and did not experience anything worse than...