What forms do abortions come in?

What forms do abortions come in?

What forms do abortions come in?


I might add that the D & C mentioned above is not an abortion. It' s a medical procedure used to remove any remaining tissue that is left after a woman has had a spontaneous abortion (in other words, miscarriage)


From the quote above....don't bring a baby in this world you can't take care of if you think that's right. There are too many homeless children.


Don't bring such a sinful, terrible thing to the faith and religion section!


Wrong section. You should be in the Health section.


yes IT IS ALL FOR WUSSES....MANY THOUSANDS WISH TO ADOPT SO DONT KILL innocent babies...troll wrong foard



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Easily the constitution CLEARLY States in the Tenth amendment where those issues should reside: The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people. Abortion was in the Hands of the...

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I only support abortion in the case of where the mother's life is at great risk. I would not support abortion in the cases of conceived in rape or incest. However, I would not judge woman negatively if they truly got an abortion for such a reason. Any other reasons for abortion, including...

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this is something I never could understand, I think if anyone did 5 minutes research they would see it was a republican Supreme Court Justice who wrote the opinion for Roe VS Wade in the Supreme Court, It was also a republican Supreme Court Chief Justice at the time also, Mrs Bush has even...

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Okay, lets get this straight. Nobody is "pro-abortion". Nobody goes around saying "oh my, I had this wonderful abortion yesterday, it was *such* a weight off my mind. You should all give it a go, it's fantastic". What we have is 'pro-choice'. And by that it means accepting the inevitability...

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I will DONATE to his Dem challenger. He is one grade-A douchebag.