What does it say about a society when so many people in it see no problem with infanticide (abortion)?

What does it say about a society when so many people in it see no problem with infanticide (abortion)?

What does it say about a society when so many people in it see no problem with infanticide (abortion)?


What does it say about a society when the people so concerned with abortion don't actually want to do anything about it? Such as start putting money towards adoption agencies instead of hateful propaganda poster, or fostering children. You want to stop abortions, but you don't want to actually help the women raise the children. What society does that child grow up in? Edit: Dear Brown Eye. Where's your source for your information that says that pro-lifers adopt more? Even so, it is NOT the pro-choicers who are trying to force women to have children. Pro-lifers SHOULD be IDEALLY adopting more precisely because they want the child to be born whether or not it has a proper support system available to it. Also, your point about not putting money into adoption agencies and radical feminazis not wanting to include men's rights issues (or men for that matter) into women's issues is precisely why both methods are NOT WORKING. You have to get at ROOT causes for problems. For example, if you look at poverty in Africa. If you just give African people money, the problems don't go away. Because the problems have ROOT causes that run deeper than just giving them a couple of bucks. The underlying problem with abortions is what to do with the baby. If you think that making posters solves anything, you're wrong. If you think that making it illegal solves anything, you're wrong. The root cause is something must be done about a baby the mother just CAN NOT support. And so far, some of the best methods is giving more money to adoption agencies...


It says most of them are sociopaths deluding themselves into believing what's most convenient for them. They're not terribly evolved or introspective individuals, and they're exactly the kind of wasted life that's been behind most of the atrocities throughout history: slavery, the invasion of the Americas, etc. Attention, anyone who's stupid: Please refrain from giving TUTF TUs. I've told her and others countless times that her argument is false. The people who DO adopt the most children are pro-lifers. The reason pro-life organizations don't focus on adoption is because that's not what the organizations were created to do. Aren't you the ones always saying "The reason feminists don't fight for men's rights isn't because they aren't for equality, it's because the organization was created to fight for women's rights!"? The fact that pro-choicers aren't even adopting, and are then lying and trying to paint pro-lifers as "only caring about the baby before it's born," is ludicrous and is a testament to your movement's complete and utter inability to behave honestly, no matter what the circumstance. Pro-Life Daddy: I've never had an abortion and I don't have any children because I've never been stupid enough to have sex without protection . I believe in protecting my future children's lives. Abortion: There is a consensus. A consensus that it should only be legal in very limited circumstances. From the pro-choicers' own pro-abortion article: http://www.gallup.com/poll/7606/Roe-Wade... There Is Nothing Divine About Someone Who's Had An Abortion EDIT: No, TUTF, YOU'RE the one who made the claim that pro-lifers don't care what happens to the baby after it's born. YOU provide statistics that back what you're saying. Then I'll be happy to post mine. Thanks for doing such a wonderful job of demonstrating that you aren't paying attention, by the way. Pro-CHOICERS are the ones who should be adopting, since THEY'RE the ones raising the issue of adoption. No one is "forcing" a woman to carry a child to term except HER. I guess maybe your parents never explained cause and effect to you, but generally when you put someone else in a bad situation, it isn't okay to kill them just so you can get out of it. It's both ludicrous and audacious that you actually have the nerve to act like the people who are sticking up for the baby are doing something wrong, and the complete absence of logic involved only further promotes the view that pro-choicers are sociopaths.


An embryo has less brain functioning than most insects. If abortion is infanticide then killing bugs deserves the death penalty...


Oh please. It's not infanticide, and if it were, you wouldn't have had to but abortion in parenthesis so that people knew what you were talking about. Fetuses are fetuses, not human beings. If you don't like abortion, then don't have one. Since it doesn't effect you or anyone else when a woman has an abortion, then it's none of your business.


Is masturbation infanticide as well, because I think I just killed a couple hundred thousand children.


They think they are terribly intelligent. That only stupid people believe that the thing developing in a woman's womb is a human until 6 months in. They are concerned with women's rights and think everyone else is stupid. U mad, pro-choice?


That a group of cells is not a child and it's a Womans own business how to handle her body's reproductive life. Not your business, and not mine.



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