What do you think about the abortion dr. that was killed in church?

What do you think about the abortion dr. that was killed in church?

What do you think about the abortion dr. that was killed in church?


Its the most ironic situation I've come across lately. First of you have a doctor that preforms abortions is a usher in a church. Thats ironic for one being as the church is against abortions. The right to life is a fundamental belief. Then you have another guy that is pro-life and kills a man. Define Irony


It is beyond my comprehension how any pro-lifer could possibly be so dull and slow as to not understand the immorality and the consequences of murdering an abortion "doctor". The Devil is at the bottom of this and what he wants is even more murder. The murderer may be a pro-lifer in name (I don't know) but he is not a true Christian or a real pro-lifer.


Sad, but nutcases kill for any reason. Look at the idiot who tried to kill Pres Reagan, or the Manson sympathizer who wanted to kill Pres Ford. Its no reason to blame all religions, anymore than you want all atheists blamed for Stalin or Chinese atrocities. There are nutcases in most organizations whether religious, political or social.


I am against abortion but it was wrong for that person to kill the abortion doctor you don't solve anything by doing that.


Agreed 100%!


Why i don't see it anywhere in news? any ways, That's quite shocking and disgusting, and yes they are hypocrite. I think all religious people are hypocrite, they talk different, act different and think different! Or maybe they follow Pope that says things about abortion? I'm afraid now people will kill another person that want to but Condoms (remember Pope said things about Condom?!) lol


Agree! It was shocking to say that least. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but killing or even hurting someone because you disagree on a particular subject is really crazy.


My condolences goes out towards his family, this has to be a very difficult time for them. i wouldn't wish for anyone to go though this, i hope they will be there friends will be there for them, just to make sure the family doesn't goes though this alone


Well not everyone looks at it that way.... some may see it as...He may have potentially saved the lives of many infants by taking one. I dont think this was the answer.. but i cant say that i am outraged at all.



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