What do you think about pro-lifers harassing women outside abortion clinics?

What do you think about pro-lifers harassing women outside abortion clinics?

What do you think about pro-lifers harassing women outside abortion clinics?


Personally I could never have an abortion, no matter how desperate the situation I was in would be, but I guess people should have a right to make that choice... because even if abortion was to become illegal many women would do it 'underground' with a much greater risk to their health, or they would give birth to babies and leave them in the gutter, starve them to death, kill them through child abuse etc. because the child was never wanted in the first place. Something has to change in the human mentality in order for this kind of thing to really stop, and as sad as it is I don't think any laws can change that mentality.


pro-lifers have absolutely no say in a women's personal decision. if they don't want to get abortion's they don't have to. people threatening to take down roe vs wade are in fact breaking the law. it will never pass, to get rid of roe vs wade, it would conflict with women's rights. also state and church are to be kept separate. 9 times out of 10 the pro-lifers will be yelling about God and how its murder.which there again is against the law. if some woman across the country lets say minnesota decided to have an abortion, does that really pertain to me? no. i could not give two hoots about it. it has nothing to do with me.the world is already overpopulated anyways. maybe we do need some control remember when roe vs wade was legalized. well the gang crime rate actually plummeted. why? because children that are born into families that do not want them, are going to be neglected, and abused. they will look to other places to find love. =gangs. then you have an epidemic of rising crime in america. like before. do you really want the child and family to go through that. if the law was to pass to make it illegal some old white fat guy in congress better not be the one to say. it better come out of the mouth of a woman. men need to stay out of it. they are not the one's who have to deal with the pain, and suffering, and embarassment that these women have to go through. sometimes it is the best way. some people just can't afford to take care of a child, what if the child will have problems? yes they can give the baby up for adoption, those children will always have that empty hole in their heart, and they will wonder and hate their parents for it and they will lash out. why do you think foster children are so cold and numb? they feel like they are an inconvience to society. i absolutely hate people who think that they are so much of an influence on a strangers life. they could destroy a women's life if she was made to have her baby. some women will go to the lengths of putting their lives at stake. so no its not worth it in the end to harass a poor women who is scared to death in the first place. sorry i didn't mean to ramble on but this is my opinion. and i really mean no offense to anyone. so please don't take it as such.


Peaceful protest is fine. Harassment crosses the line.


I think they're wasting their time. There are more productive ways to try to stop abortions and close down abortion clinics. I also doubt that they're convincing anyone not to have an abortion by standing there.


Protest is protected by the 1st Amendment so long as no harm comes to the ones being protested against. It is the American way.


Harassment is illegal and distasteful, but peaceful protest is within their right.


I view it as protest and dissent, something that most Liberals seem to think is wonderful and are always saying is their right when they are disrupting things they don't like - so I think it is wonderful too (Peaceful protest is one of our Constitutional rights, so I think it is great). I've been harassed by union strikers when I've crossed picket lines and I've been harassed by protesters at political events. Nobody stopped them or did anything to protect me from them, I see this as no different.


I was for abortion for rape victimes or young teens but after watching this:http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=... no way in hell! I think they should show woman what actually happens and THEN they can choose!


i am pro-life, but am way against the side walk protesters. i do not think we need to be in the business of legislating others morality. i have my beliefs but will not try to force them on others, as i do not want them forced on me.



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