What diffrent ways of abortion are there?

What diffrent ways of abortion are there?

What diffrent ways of abortion are there?


RU-486 is the Abortion Pill, used to terminate an early pregnancy. It comes in two pills, you take the first at the doctor's office, and they send the second one for you to take 12 hours later. Then there is surgical abortion, which has a number of different ways to be performed. http://www.plannedparenthood.org/health-... has a lot of useful information. Keep in mind that these are abortions used to terminate EARLY pregnancy. Any later than the first trimester, and a different approach has to be taken, and only if the fetus or the mother is in danger.


Abortion is actually a term to define the interruption of a pregnancy before the fetus is 20 weeks old. We have spontaneous abortion: threatened abortion, imminent a., incomplete a., complete a. and missed abortion. Induced abortion is another type. It includes therapeutic abortion and illegal abortion. In therapeutic a, the fetus is taken out of the mother's body because of severe defects and it's survival rate is completely low- moreover, it will be taken out if it endangers the mother's life. Illegal abortion is undignified because it kills healthy, innocent babies just because the parents do not want it.


before 9 weeks its just taking 2 pills which stop the heart beat and make you miss-carry, after that it is more invasive...basically they have to go in and take it out, ITS not nice they do it by suction so it literally just sucks it out :( after 14 weeks as far as i know they have to make you go into labour. please think about it properly though before you make your decision and to get definite answers talk to your doctor so you know the information is correct good luck


Killing a fetus in any form is still death to the fetus. Think before you get in that situation.



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