What date should I put on an abortion memorial tatoo?

What date should I put on an abortion memorial tatoo?

What date should I put on an abortion memorial tatoo?


hmm. I'm thinking of a picture of a baby with wings... maybe something like this: http://candidchatter.files.wordpress.com... you don't have to copy that exact design... but thats just a general idea... maybe you could put 2 dates. The date you found out you were pregnant, and the date you aborted.


If you don't know the date of termination I would use due date. I know someone who named a star for their terminated baby and dated it for the date of termination but that's cos they knew when it was. I think it is a beautiful way to remember your baby. What about an angel holding a baby?


Why not July 8/9? As for design : if you're Christian, a cross would be nice, a double-cross even better.


Just throwing in another idea maybe the date of conception? That was your not remembering a bad day but a good day.


I would say, go with the due date. If you don't know the exact day, pick a number that's close and that you feel comfortable with. Babies don't arrive on their exact date anyway. As for design, maybe just a little cross with the date?


What is an abortion memorial tattoo? I've never heard of that.


No date. All it would do is to make you obsessive. Time to move on. Look forward to the future and other children. Don't dwell on the past. Totally counterproductive.


i am personally against abortion but i am not going to be mean or nothing but i think you should put like the full name you would name your baby on your back with just the year under it sense you dont remember the date and then like baby handprints above the name! my friend has this tattoo its so cute!


wow, sorry to hear what u went through... my bother has a tattoo of the date she did it, she did it without him knowing and he was devastated :ol maybe u could call and ask.. your records will be there.



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