What causes infertility?

What causes infertility?

What causes infertility?


too broad of a? what causes infertility, well, anything, stress, lifestyle, std's, pcos, endometriosis. Signs of infertility is a year of ttc and not being able to. See your doc. maybe nothing is wrong with you maybe your timing is simply off. Good Luck!


Ehm... No matter how many times you try without the condom or birth control you still can't get pregnant. I think things like smoking, your husbands sperm, your eggs are not located right, etc. That's what I think, but I am not sure if I am right...


it can be that you have some sort of problem it can be that your body just cant hold a baby...there are alot of reasons that can happen..you would be better off asking your doctor


usually hormone problems or environmental causes. if i knew i would be rich


your inability to reproduce?



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no one can make you get a abortion you are right for defending your baby. I hope your parents se that abortion takes the life of a innocent unborn baby. I hope you choose life call Birthright they can help 1-800 550-4900 God Bless

Do you have to be eighteen in order to get abortion services. Are there any free clinics in PA?
In addition to the above comment by "?ue May 4th • ?aby Girl," the cost is about $450 to $500. It depends a bit on how far you are into the pregnancy and which doctor or clinic you use. However, the cost can spike to around $1000 if you have complications, are more advanced (past 10 or 12 weeks)...

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New York offers free, state-funded abortions to women on Medicaid or in poverty. If your friend does not meet one or both of these requirements, she can expect to pay $300 - $1,000 + (the longer the pregnancy, the more it costs) at a clinic. Planned Parenthood: 349 E 149th St # 2 Bronx, NY...

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Shame on the people being nasty to her!!!! You presume she had an abortion because she didn't want the baby, however that's not the only reason people have abortions. For all you know a routine scan/test may have shown severe defects with the baby. I had an abortion with my third child when...

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Abortion kills innocent life. That precious little baby inside you never did anything wrong, why should it be killed without having a chance at life? Please consider adoption. There are many couples out there who are dying to have a precious little baby to hold and to love. Read this: Month...