What are your views on Abortion and Giving birth?

What are your views on Abortion and Giving birth?

What are your views on Abortion and Giving birth?


I am PRO CHOICE. Why? Every case is different. Having the option of abortion allows women to control their own bodies. If people are against it, they certainly do not and should not get ones for themselves. However, that doesn't give them the right to say that nobody else should get one. A lot of what you see on Pro Life websites and such simply does not represent the real facts about abortion. On pro life websites, you'll see fetuses that actually resemble babies. In over 90 percent of abortions, this is not the case-- what is removed is really nothing more than a blob-like thing or lump of tissue. Furthermore, a lot of pro-life websites advocate the shutting down of Planned Parenthood, when in reality, abortions are only a small part of Planned Parenthood's operations. The rest of what they do is general gynecological care for women (particularly low income women), and this makes up the majority of their practice. The fact that Planned Parenthoods have been bombed by so-called "pro life" people and doctors who have performed abortions have been shot at and even killed by the same "pro life" people is just pathetic and atrocious. How can you be pro life if you're willing to take away the life of a living, breathing, human being? And sorry to say, but a fetus is NOT a living, breathing, human being. There's a reason abortions can only be performed during the first trimester. To say that all abortions should be outlawed and are wrong is just downright ignorant. You don't know their reasons for getting an abortion, and every case is different. For example, one of my friends was raped by her neighbor (fortunately he was arrested) and got an abortion because she got pregnant from it. If I were her, I would have done the same, because why should the victim have to suffer further with pregnancy, the social stigma of it all, and then finally the birth of a child that was put in her involuntarily? On the other hand, another one of my friends got an abortion because she accidentally became pregnant in early college. Her boyfriend immediately dumped her upon finding out, and her parents told her not to come home if she didn't "do something to take care of it." Having the baby would have seriously messed up her life. She was also not very well off financially, and she would have lost her athletic scholarship due to the pregnancy. An abortion was the best option, even though she wasn't super happy about it. So yeah, put yourself in someone else's shoes for once.


I believe that an unborn fetus is a human. Here's why: Even in the earliest stages of pregnancy, sonograms show movements and heartbeats that do not belong to the woman. So while it may be okay to say that a fetus is a potential major league baseball star or a even potential school teacher, it is idiotic to say that a fetus is a potential human being. If for no other reason, the fetus is a living human being because that is the only thing it can be. Also, if the issue is “development,” let’s not forget that human beings develop for their entire lives. A fetus is less developed than a newborn just as a child is less developed than an adult. But being less developed than an adult does not mean that a child is any less a human being. That’s also true of the unborn. The unborn child has its own DNA code, its own fingerprints, and its own blood type – none of which match the mother. The pro-life movement has never suggested that women should be required to have children. However, it is a biological fact that when a woman is pregnant she already has a child. My argument is that this child should not be butchered.


I honestly don't even think abortion and giving birth can even be compared. One is bringing life into the world the other is a termination. Giving birth is much harder, it requires a lot of work from a doctor, nurses, and the patient, it is typically longer, but much more rewarding (in my opinion). Abortion is a minor surgery that does have some risks and not a lot of effort is put it into by anyone involved.


really? well, abortion is certainly not a choice I EVER want to have to entertain. And I doubt I personally would choose it, but I wouldn't choose adoption either. but I can see that MY personal choices are mine. and it's not MY position to judge or take away a woman's right to choose. Every individual has the right to specific choices in life. our society would do better to educate the population on the REAL biology of reproduction. If we did that then MAYBE these situations (abortion & adoption) would become a non-issue.


Well, a fetus is a life. So were the sperm and egg that created it. So were the millions of other sperm that died trying to get to that egg. So are the billions and trillions of other sperm that didn't even make it into the uterus. In other words, being life doesn't mean much. Especially when that life is developing in the body of a person. Who has rights. Including the right not to allow something to develop inside of them without their consent. Including the right not to allow others to take from their body to sustain another person's life. In other words, one person's right to life does not trump another person's right to bodily integrity. A fetus isn't a person. It doesn't not have a right to life. So there's not argument. As far as my views. People who wish to be pregnant and wish to carry that pregnancy to term and feel that they are ready, should. People who do not wish to be pregnant, or do not wish to carry a pregnancy to term, or feel they are not ready and want an abortion should be able to get one. The morals and opinions of other people do not matter. They will not be pregnant with that pregnancy. They will not have to deal with whatever situation that person is in. What they think the fetus is doesn't matter. Because again, it doesn't matter. Fetus or baby, it has no right to be there. Even if it had a right to life, it's right to life would not trump her bodily integrity.


Abortion is for selfish, careless people. It is murder. If I could choose, I would make it illegal. People should not be having sex if they can't be prepared to look after a baby. Its disgusting.


I hate the even word abortion. Why should that baby have to die just because the parents were too stupid to use protection. Besides, babies are the most joyful thing ever! Think from the baby's point of view


I support abortion.


I'm 100% against abortion If you dont want kids then have safe sex or don't open your legs simply as that.



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