What are your opinions on this quote? Pro-choice means the person lacks the courage or conviction to

What are your opinions on this quote? Pro-choice means the person lacks the courage or conviction to

What are your opinions on this quote? Pro-choice means the person lacks the courage or conviction to


Depends on the pro-choicer. There are those who say that it is a woman's body and that they have the choice and that it all depends on the woman and her situation. These people also usually don't believe it is a human life yet and therefore there is nothing wrong with it. They have the courage and conviction to stand for what they believe, even if that opinion may differ from mine. They are saying that abortion is ok. However the people I see as fence sitters are the people who say, "well I think abortion is murder and I will never do it, but I won't take away someone elses right to choose." Those people are fence sitters in my mind. I see that as them saying, that is is murder if I do it, but not if someone else Who doesn't think it is murder does. Either it is murder or it is not. Pick a side and choose it. These are the people who lack courage and conviction in my book.


Let me put it to you this way: are you pro freedom of speech? Is that because you lack the conviction to say that hate speech, for example, is wrong? The point is that it is more complicated than black and white. You can't take away people's freedoms just because some abuse them. Sometimes abortion is wrong and sometimes it is necessary. The point is that the individual must make that choice, not the government. Yes, that means some will abuse that right, but that is the price of freedom.


Okay, here goes: I believe that every woman should have autonomy over her own body and her future. If she wishes to seek a termination, than she should be able to do so. If a woman chooses to go ahead and bear a child - then that is her right as well. It has nothing to do with lack of courage or conviction - every woman is different. By the way, if they ever had a vote specifically for that purpose -only women should be allowed to cast a vote. Ultimately, it is the woman who ends up raising a child - especially if she is single.


That quote literally makes no sense. Pro-CHOICE means that people have the CHOICE to choose whether they want an abortion or not. It has nothing to do with courage or conviction.


Its absurd. Pro Choice means that you do not feel it is your right to make that decision for someone else and they have the courage and conviction to say that the people that do think they can decide for someone else ARE WRONG. Thats like saying being Pro Freedom of Speech means that you dont have the courage to censor someone or go out and burn books.


I completely disagree. I feel that abortion, for me, is wrong because of my plan to abstain from sex until I'm in a healthy, secure relationship. But I understand that not every woman is going to find herself in the same situation and has the right to terminate her pregnancy if she is not physically, emotionally, or financially prepared to bring it to term. Abortion is a woman's right, regardless of whether or not I think it's morally acceptable. Furthermore, laws don't exist to enforce morality. They exist to protect the people's rights, to benefit society, and to promote equality. By default, some may (such as murder and rape being illegal), but that is not their intended purpose. Their purpose is to protect the right to life and the right to privacy, liberty, etc.


Very wrong. Pro-choice realizes that it is foolish to say that a medical procedure on an individual person can be qualified as right or wrong, and all that matters is that the individual has the right to choose whether or not to have it.


it's wrong. pro choice means you believe women should have the choice over what to do with their own bodies. unlike 'pro life' pro life=anti choice anti sex ed anti birth control pro teen pregnancy pro child abuse pro punish rape victims and any woman or girl that's made a mistake


No it doesn't. Many pro-choice people are personally opposed to abortion but realize that doesn't mean everyone else is.



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