What are the side effects to an abortion?

What are the side effects to an abortion?

What are the side effects to an abortion?


Dont be afraid to tell your parents. Especially if you want to end the pregnancy. You could choose abortion or adoption. Abortions are not free. I think they cost at least 400 dollars. What can happen is that you may feel guilty afterwards. There will be bleeding afterwards (because you get a heavy period when you end a pregnancy). Also I have heard (ask the doctor) that complications could happen and you might not be able to have a baby when you want to later in life. Im sure that is rare but I think there might be a chance. What you need to do is visit a doctor and have a conversation with them. Dont be afraid to ask them what are the side effects or complications of an abortion. Abortion is going to be an emotional thing. Also you need to stop having unprotected sex. Also get birth control pills after the abortion, if you have one. Go see a doctor fast because there is only a few weeks they can do the abortion!


When I was 16 I had an abortion (I'm now 25) and no I don't regret it I was a little sad at the time but mostly from putting myself in the situation not from doing it but aside from that I had a little cramping and bleeding more then a regular period on and off and it lasted for about 2 weeks but unless your parents keep track of that you should be fine also going to be tired if you get it done asleep which I definitely recommend I've heard some horror stories from staying awake. Also have a friend/bf drive you home. Just make sure you get on birth control after and don't have sex for as long as they tell you too. Just remember this is your decision and learn from this mistake and one day you will have a baby when you are ready. And don't listen to those saying you will have trouble having a baby or problems in the future I have a 6 yr old and another on the way and have had no problems conceiving or any complications while pregnant . Just make sure you go to a nice place that has a good background don't think about cost think about a healthy choice.


i got an abortion when i was 16 and it was one of the biggest regrets in my life.. im now 22 and not a day goes by where i don't think about it but ill tell you what happened to me i went into the clinic and i sat there with about 12 other girls and it was just an awful experience nobody talked or anything they admit you in the they make you lay on a table (like a gyno chair) and the put you to sleep when you wake up your in a hospital bed in a room with about 10 other girls then you leave once you go home the unbearable cramping doesn't stop and your bleeding excessively to the point where you cant move from a fetal position i wound up bleeding so bad i had to go to the emergency room cause i lost too much blood and i was admitted and they had to finish the abortion i strongly suggest that you really think about what your about to do i know you probally have your mind made up but you will regret it for the rest of your life..


honestly all you really have is what you think is your period , also when you get it done that day you are extremely tired so your gunna want to make sure that you can sleep make sure you do eat though and drink. You really will feel the guilt later on down the road but you will see that you are making the best decision for yourself at this time and if this is what you want do not listen to anyone else if you want to know more just email me Bzbstarchickbzb@yahoo.com.


its your choice what you do. Some people may believe its wrong others may not. Whatever you decide to do make sure its the best decision for you, not for other people. To answer your question: Research it as much as your can and speak with your doctor about possible side effects. It effects everyone differently. Severe bleeding, infection, cramping are all side effects. Best advice: talk to a doctor.


You will feel extreme guilt and wish you never did it. You will bleed for about a week and can only wear pads. You will have horrible cramps and will be nauseous. Make sure you have someone there to drive you home cause you will feel horrible. Honestly, consider adoption give your baby a chance at life!


It depends how far along you are and what type of abortion you have. Check out planned parenthood for some good information.


dont get an abortion its just like murdering babies its wrong... i no that u probably dont want to hear it but u might regret it.. there are plenty of people out there that would like to hav kids but cant so you could hav it and give it up for adoption


Side effects: Extreme guilt. Immense regret. A dead child who will never be. Problems getting pregnant in the future.



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