What are the laws about abortion in illinois?

What are the laws about abortion in illinois?

What are the laws about abortion in illinois?


It may be worse than that. I'm sure that if the liberal politicians of IL had their way, a woman would be able to kill her children up until their 18th birthday.



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What are the arguments for abortion?
The argument is whether abortion is the killing of an actual human being or not. It comes down to how you define human being... whether or not it is when the mother is pregnant. As a result, the political issue is essentially whether it should be legal or not, and how much or little it should...

Is abortion legal in Maryland?
It is legal in all states. Republican states just make it as difficult and restrictive as they possibly can, without actually making it illegal. If you want to know the specific law in Maryland, google _abortion in Maryland_ I am sure you will find all you need to know.

North Dakota bans abortion by defining the beginning of life?
Source please. :) North (and possibly South too, I can't remember) Dakota have had several ballot measures in election years to attempt to severely restrict or ban abortions. All of them have been defeated. If you're saying they're planning another one, I doubt it will pass either. And no,...

Pro-abortion debate introduction help?
Pro choice is Pro abortion since its the same thing. but if you call it pro abortion in your debate it pretty much tells everybody where you stand on the issue. here is how i would do it. This is the 2000's not the 1800's, how long have we discriminated against women??? how long will it continue...

How much would an abortion cost in NY?
I'd be pretty worried if I were you, you could get arrested for statutory rape if the other kid or his parents decide to press charges. Anyway, you're 20 years old...your a big girl now. You obviously thought you were mature enough to have sex, so you better be mature enough to accept the consequences...