What are some short-term affects on abortion?

What are some short-term affects on abortion?

What are some short-term affects on abortion?


I think it depends on the the woman. If she's been coerced into having an abortion she doesn't want, then the psychological effects could be devastating. If, on the other hand, she's made the decision herself and is sure it's what she wants, then she will, in all likelihood, be alright. Not everyone has emotional trauma following an abortion. I was 18 when I had an abortion (I'm nearly 50 now) and I knew there was no way I could even support myself at the time, let alone another person. It was the right decision for me in my circumstances at that time - I've never had any kind of psychological/emotional trauma from it. I just remember thinking what a huge relief it was not to be pregnant any more. Abortion is never a good thing - it's an ugly necessity sometimes.


You can't drive right away due to general anesthesia. You can't submerge your lower half in water, showers only. No strenuous exercise. No lifting anything over 10 pounds for 2 weeks, sometimes 3. No sex for 3-4 weeks. The longer the better.


well idk much about the short term affects but heres some long term affects you killed an innocent little baby youll always think to yourself what have i done


i could never do that! wow...



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