What are some questions I can research for abortion?

What are some questions I can research for abortion?

What are some questions I can research for abortion?


One of them should definitely be about the personhood movement and its goal of ending all abortion in America. You can learn more about the movement from: http://www.personhoodinitiative.com/abou...



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How do Catholics who voted for Obama reconcile the fact that he supports abortion/infanticide?
I am catholic and did not vote for Obama. But those who did, how does it feel that your tax dollars are now going to be used to fund abortions for minors without parental consent.

How many abortions can one woman have?
You can have as many as you'd like but in terms of the damage being done to your body that is really an issue of which method you are using. Medical abortions(the abortion pill) are less harmful in a sense because they induce a miscarriage which is more natural to your body while surgical abortions...

Legal age to get an abortion in PA?
Age of consent is basically the age at which if you have intercourse with someone, they won't be charged for rape. Age of consent has nothing to do with the age you are allowed to get an abortion. There are many abortion clinics that understand the issues with teenagers and early intercourse...

If you get an abortion at 11 weeks..?
Absolutely not. Pain receptors in the brain don't even begin to develop until around 24 weeks, which is the cutoff date for legal abortion anyway. In fact when Doctors perform in utero surgery on a fetus less than 24 weeks old they do not even use any sort of painkillers. I'm taking Lifespan...

What is ectopic pregnancy?
Ectopic pregnancy From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search Ectopic pregnancy Classifications and external resources Ectopic by Reinier de Graaf ICD-10 O00..- ICD-9 633 MedlinePlus 000895 An ectopic pregnancy is one in which the fertilized ovum is implanted in any tissue...