What are Obamas views on abortion and homosexuality?

What are Obamas views on abortion and homosexuality?

What are Obamas views on abortion and homosexuality?


he was going to help pass a law saying that partial birth abortion would be illegal, but they wouldnt agree to grant it to women that might die because of not getting one, so he didnt sign the bill. and he thinks homosexuals deserve to have benifits with thier partners, but not marriage. He belives that marriage should only be between a man and woman and basically they would just call it something else for the gays. He is very tolerant.


Supports the gay community, but not gay marriage. Wants the compromise of civil unions instead. Not pro-abortion, but pro-choice. Sadly, does not feel strongly against partial-birth abortions, but is definitely interested in decreasing the number of abortions.


I think he supports gay as a voting power, not as people, and it will reflect in his stands. He is pro choice- but would make it lucrative for welfare people to continue to increase that power base by having as many children as possible, and taxing the rich to pay for them.


Very supportive of all forms of abortion- the most liberal there is, really. He is personally against gay marriage for religious reasons, apparantly, and he doesn't support equal marriage rights for gay people.


Obama is pro choice.... (my BODY my CHOICE) And he believes (like hillary Clinton & all the other dems) in a civil union between gays. Republicans would not only like to band gay marriage but they would band gays all together if they could.... VOTE DEM Edit:Oh thats right, the election is over and you're not american



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