What are Hillary Clinton's views on abortion?

What are Hillary Clinton's views on abortion?

What are Hillary Clinton's views on abortion?


She thinks it should be legal but rare. She wants people to be educated and counseled about abortion because many young women panic when they find out they are pregnant and rush to get an abortion without thinking past getting them out of a spot. Then, after its too late, they face psychological problems when they realize they have killed their baby and could have made another choice if they would have thought about it awhile. Its obvious many people don't listen to what Hillary Clinton actually says.


I think you will find that she and Obama's are pro life personally, but are not willing to tamper with the constitutional rights of a womans choice, as stated by the supreme court. No responsible person thinks abortion is OK as a birth control method, or sex selection or any of that.


Hillary Clinton does not like abortion (just like everybody else on the planet), but deeply values a woman's right to choose.


If that fetus is inconvenient kill it and trash it. It's so easy, why bother with contraceptives or any kind of birth control? Hillary has absolutely no moral compass. Her campaign stand something along the lines of 'rare but... However, her actions are let them kill them all as long as I can control and depend on the votes of the women wanting abortions on demand, want irresponsible sexual freedom and abortion as a means of birth control. If this is your stance....by all means vote for Billary. Now she wants us opposed to such cruelty by mandating we pay for it through 'universal health insurance'. What will be next? sex changes? What a web that spider weaves!


Elect her and our economy will be an abortion. She's got more money already spent than the last five administrations and we are in the primaries. Bill's probably kept the clinics busy with all of his "presidential activities" over the years, ask him.


She's Pro-Abortion.


I think that she would like to see a drive thru at abortion clinics. Abortions will be covered under her socialist health care so the poor won't have to pay for it themselves.


She has no regard for life, anyone's! she is for abortion and womens choices and all that other crap, a very dangerous woman, do lots of homework, before you vote for this woman!!! remember what her husband did last time he was in the white house!! all the lying and selling us to china, she will!!! do the same, and ask yourself this, do you wanta one world govt. do you want to be forced to pay health insurance for yourself, and if not you will be fined?? she is a big time socialist commie b@tch, all the way, I have been watching her for many years, do your homework its your future, protect it, with all you have!!!


Pro choice she doesn't believe in telling st angers how to live there life's.



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