What are good things bout abortion?

What are good things bout abortion?

What are good things bout abortion?


You are in the WRONG section to ask this question. The only answer I have for you is that there is NOTHING good about it The only thing I can come up with is that it keeps trolls and trash from procreating. EDIT: I see your point. However, you will be beaten down for asking in this section. We are all Mommies To Be, so we don't appreciate these kind of questions. Try deleting this from this section and posting it in Women's Health. They will be much more helpful. :)


Geez I don't know why people are snapping at you. It's a freaking debate for school I am guessing, it doesn't mean they actually are pro-abortion. Anyways, I don't know what to tell you. I'd just say because it's a woman's choice or right. I don't know, I can't really think of anything.


Im wondering whether or not this is a serious question but if it is I would delete it because everyone on here will crucify you for asking such a stupid question in the PREGNANCY section. (Abortion = NOT PREGNANT!!)


maybe you should have picked a different category to ask that question. when so many women here are worried about losing their babies(i am at 10 weeks and things are unsure) or have lost them you have the gall and insensitivity to ask such a thing? why dont you find the category for brainless idiot and post there.


oh god, go to google like every f*cking body else and type in pro-choice. you might find less hostility in a forum where there aren't a bunch of pregnant women... maybe google: how do I spell? after you check the pro-choice site??


they are only good for certain people..... all the people who choose to abort there bub have reasons try finding a site that women have shared there stories on why they did. i had one last year because my mum was on drugs and it was not suitable for a bub. i was 14 but that had NOTHING to do with it!


If you are pro abortion shouldnt you know why its good? My answer: nothing is good about it. http://www.abort73.com


You don't have to change that little mistake's diaper, because those thing's can push out all different shades of green and yellow and it's disgusting



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