Was Sandra Day O'Connor for or against abortion?

Was Sandra Day O'Connor for or against abortion?

Was Sandra Day O'Connor for or against abortion?



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Does Medicaid cover abortion?
You are both correct. No federal Medicaid funds can cover the cost of an aboriton *but* that doesn't mean state Medicaid funding cannot fund abortion. Use this link and figure out if your state covers it. http://www.ourbodiesourselves.org/book/c... California and New York (among others) allow...

Possible failed abortion?!?
If you had a surgical abortion, and didn't bleed much afterwards, that is pretty normal. The surgery removes all the products of conception so there is often no bleeding afterwards, or very little. If you had a medical abortion, ie you took some pills, you would expect to bleed and have cramps...

For those who connect abortion to overpopulation so would they like me to now kill myself to for this cause?
IF abortion was truly connected to overpopulation, then there should be a whole lot MORE of them in the "Third World" countries where overpopulation is truly a REAL and horrid problem. The USA does NOT have an overpopulation problem. In fact, we are not "breeding" enough people to "replace"...

What is Elective Abortions?
It means it's an abortion that the woman has chosen to have, not one that she necessarily needs to have.

Can pelvic ultrasound show past abortion?
An abortion in less it went horribly wrong and left you with massive amounts of scar tissue and adhesions (this is *very, very, very* unlikely) a doc will not be able to tell that you have had one. You can call your doc's office and tell them that you did have an abortion BUT that it needs...