Was Sandra Day O'Connor for or against abortion?

Was Sandra Day O'Connor for or against abortion?

Was Sandra Day O'Connor for or against abortion?



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Should post viability abortions be legal? If so, on demand or with any restrictions? Why?
Yes, in the case of the health of the mother or if the baby has a terminal malformation. However, no matter how many times people call this an abortion, the medical community does not. And only about 1% of abortions are performed after the 20th week.

Will some people ever acknowledge abortion as a right to bodily integrity?
Abortion is a place of moral struggle, of self-interest mixed with selflessness, of wished-for good intermingled with necessary evil. Asker you may find this interesting. Ihttp://www.priestsforlife.org/prochoice/... OUR BODIES, OUR SOULS By Naomi Wolf It's an interesting essay that tried to...

Who bears the abortion expenses - the guy or the gal?
Nobody is legally obligated to pay for an abortion except the pregnant person seeking it.

A question about abortion for someone who has lived in Saudi Arabia?
the law does not allow "elective" abortion in Saudi Arabia, if a physician help a woman getting an abortion of a normal pregnancy then his/her license will be taken and he/she may get some other legal problems as well. people who are seeking abortion most likely search elsewhere like India...

Abortion clinic bomb exploded In Jackson Ms. Did you hear?
what?? your question has nothing to do with the story.......and if your implying that the homeless guy should be arrested and taken to jail why should we pay our tax dollars to support him? thats wierd sorry... i guess i dont get this blog of a rant. edit: then thats a sick sense of humor....