Was abortion legal in Nazi Germany?

Was abortion legal in Nazi Germany?

Was abortion legal in Nazi Germany?


Now, if Hitler wanted the perfect Aryan race, why would he permit abortion in his nation? Abortion would not allow for the perpetuation of the Aryans. It was illegal and punishable by death, except in certain circumstances. EDiT- The lady below me looked at just one website. I looked at others, too, and that's how I came to my conclusion.



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No, they do NOT hurt because they sedate you. No, they do NOT cause the non-existant mental illness "post abortion syndrome" which was invented by anti-choicers to scare women. No, they do NOT cause breast cancer. That is another ridiculous story invented by anti-choicers to scare women. AND...

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9 weeks is the latest. Certain Planned Parenthood offices will offer the "Medical Abortion" which is the "abortion pill". It's actually a series of pills. If you have any more questions about it feel free to contact me

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THE MORNING AFTER PILL IS NOT AN ABORTION PILL and it will NOT terminate your pregnancy. it prevents pregnancy up to 72 hours after unprotected sex. and the only side effects you will have are regret, depression, etc. think about what you're doing to yourself AND the human being living inside...

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No matter what kind of abortion procedure is used, they always give pain meds. So it may be uncomfortable but it wouldn't be overly painful. Oh and for the ignorant out there who say an embryo can feel - it cannot. The Journal of American Medical Association says - at 26 weeks it can feel....