Vitamin C and Parsley Abortions?

Vitamin C and Parsley Abortions?

Vitamin C and Parsley Abortions?


This Site Might Help You. RE: Vitamin C and Parsley Abortions? There is no point trying to talk me out of it, any religious beliefs being forced on me or morals will unfortunately be ignored.. I do not even know if I'm pregnant and call me an idiot but I'm not going to find out Will me drinking 4 cups of parsley tea and having 10g of ascorbic acid help induce my period if I'm not pregnant? And will it cause my body much damage? I don't care if it causes me damage I just don't feel like being in more pain. I am 17 used the contraceptive pill and a condom but my nose has been bleeding a lot, I've had cramps, tender boobs and mood swings.. I cannot have a baby.. Reasons are too long and boring to explain.. I don't want to be a mother.. Not at 17 or ever so if I become infertile...


I don't think you're an idiot, I think you are young and scared. I've never heard of parsley tea and ascorbic acid inducing a period. Taking that amount of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) can cause diarrhea, stomach upset and nausea, and increase the risk for the absorption of toxic amounts of iron. Be careful. I am not judging you at all, but not caring if you hurt yourself or get hurt is cause for concern. Have you ever tried to get some form of counseling? Also wanting to be infertile is alarming. You are very young yet- there is a tremendous amount of emotional development that you will experience as you get older. Your thoughts on having a baby may completely change- men and women have biological programing to reproduce that goes back hundreds of thousands of years. I think your best bet is to see a doctor and find out exactly what is going on. Please don't do anything to hurt yourself, or do something risky that might.


It's highly unlikely you are pregnant using BCP and condom. Do a pregnancy test before you do anything else. Your symptoms could be lots of things. Then consult a doctor. Planned Parenthood can do free or low cost testing. An abortion, however, will cost you. So find out exactly what the problem is and go from there.


First find out if you are pregnant. Next go get a real abortion from a medical provider if you are. You can't abort with vit c and parsley...


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First, find out if you are pg. Then take it from there. Next time, buy the morning after pill. Anyone can now buy it over the matter how old you are. I hope your life will be a happy one. God bless you.


Being on the pill and using condoms means you are most likely NOT pregnant.Get a test and check for sure.


No, that's not going to work. Go to Planned Parenthood.



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