Video: How Many Abortions Take Place In America?

Video: How Many Abortions Take Place In America?

Video: How Many Abortions Take Place In America?


Too many. Addicts should be spayed. Our system is so messed-up that non-working families are better off financially when Dad doesn't live at home and Momma has babies from several fathers. “The heart of liberalism really is a hatred for God and a belief that government should replace God.” --Todd Akin And people ask: Why aren't you liberal?


Lmfao @ youtibe as a sorce ...that said...embryos r potential I'm a potential prez of the US


thats more abortions every few months in new york city than died on 9/11


So what's your point? Those figures are comical. Yep, we love our abortions here in the USA! ya ya whatever...that was pretty funny!


Where's the question?


Sorry, I do not place any credibility in youtube.


murder is murder how you do it is a matter of law with justification for it....



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First, you are misinformed about what regulations were changed.... On his 2nd day in office, President Obama overturned the Global Gag Rule, which has only been in place since Bush took office in 2000 (it goes back and forth, we had it under Bush II, but not under Clinton, but had it under...

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How could someone force her to get an abortion if she didn't want one? Maybe you can google "Abortion support forum" and something may come up.

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Im in the uk too. this also happened to me, First i went to the doctors told the doctor what i wanted to do and was referred to an abortion type clinic where they talk to you about your decision and do an internal examination to find out the lenght of your pregnacy. Then they give you a date...

Is abortion murdering babies?
No, it isn't. Technically speaking, murder is illegal, so abortion is not murder when it is legal (which it is here where I live). To me personally, abortion should NEVER be murder, because comparing an embryo or fetus to someone who is already born is ridiculous. Murdering a person is a lot...

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There are 3 types of abortions which are vaccum, medicial, and surgical.Abortions are like $300-$800 to get one. you can get charity care at the hospital when you get an abortion which is free for people who can't afford to pay.