Video: How Many Abortions Take Place In America?

Video: How Many Abortions Take Place In America?

Video: How Many Abortions Take Place In America?


Too many. Addicts should be spayed. Our system is so messed-up that non-working families are better off financially when Dad doesn't live at home and Momma has babies from several fathers. “The heart of liberalism really is a hatred for God and a belief that government should replace God.” --Todd Akin And people ask: Why aren't you liberal?


Lmfao @ youtibe as a sorce ...that said...embryos r potential I'm a potential prez of the US


thats more abortions every few months in new york city than died on 9/11


So what's your point? Those figures are comical. Yep, we love our abortions here in the USA! ya ya whatever...that was pretty funny!


Where's the question?


Sorry, I do not place any credibility in youtube.


murder is murder how you do it is a matter of law with justification for it....



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If "pro-life" people's goal is to actually reduce the number of abortions, then, shouldn't they...?
She also points out the fact that banning abortion doesn’t reduce the abortion rate. In fact, in Texas, we’re seeing greatly increased “self-abortions” since they started shutting down clinics. Health workers are very disturbed by this trend. Republicans are in the stone-age and have no business...

Abortion pill?
The female might not have a complete abortion if it's taken later than it should be and would then need to have a surgical abortion to finish it or to stop the bleeding if it's too heavy. The first person who answered this question is getting the RU-486 pill (abortion pill) confused w/the morning...

Which will go down in history as America's greatest shame: legalized abortion or legalized slavery?
Legalized abortion will be our greatest shame in the land of the free and home of the brave because it is ongoing. Slavery was abolished and is no longer legal, but killing your unborn child is perfectly O.K. anywhere up to and including delivery as in the "Partial Birth Abortion." That fully...

Why dont catholics approve of birth control?
It opposes it on the basis of an ideal: Intercourse should always be unitive and procreative in nature. In this way, it is love-affirming and life-creating. Etc. As a gay Catholic, I'll state right off the bat that I have my qualms with this at first cozy-seeming teaching. And you are right...

Abortion without parents knowing ?
Two wrongs don't make a right (as the old saying goes), and I pray you won't compound your problems by making another wrong decision about your future. Yes, it was wrong for you to get pregnant—but it also would be wrong for you to end the life of the little child who is growing inside you...