Video: How Many Abortions Take Place In America?

Video: How Many Abortions Take Place In America?

Video: How Many Abortions Take Place In America?


Too many. Addicts should be spayed. Our system is so messed-up that non-working families are better off financially when Dad doesn't live at home and Momma has babies from several fathers. “The heart of liberalism really is a hatred for God and a belief that government should replace God.” --Todd Akin And people ask: Why aren't you liberal?


Lmfao @ youtibe as a sorce ...that said...embryos r potential I'm a potential prez of the US


thats more abortions every few months in new york city than died on 9/11


So what's your point? Those figures are comical. Yep, we love our abortions here in the USA! ya ya whatever...that was pretty funny!


Where's the question?


Sorry, I do not place any credibility in youtube.


murder is murder how you do it is a matter of law with justification for it....



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Is abortion allowed in islam?
Abortion in Islam may only be undertaken on medical grounds. Abortion may not be undertaken for unwanted pregnancy or unwed mothers, etcetera... Abortion is divided into two categories: Before the quickening, abortion only on medical grounds. After the quickening, that abortion is totally disallowed...

My anti-Abortion essay!!! I need help changing my thesis?
I would state my thesis as abortion is murder. There is enough debate on this one statement alone. Some people don't even believe abortion is murder. Once you prove that abortion is indeed murder which is easy peasy. You can attack that thesis from every other standpoint. And when I say...

How much does the abortion pill cost?
Mifepristone and Misoprostol are used for a medical abortion, and it will cost you around $100 or more, up into the several hundreds and can be comparable to the costs of the surgical procedure. However, you must be under 8 weeks pregnant and you must agree to have the suction aspiration if...

MIscarriages vs. abortion?
That one woman you described in your details seems a bit confused herself ... like she is not sure what she wants out of life. I would not use her as a standard for how normal women act. I wok with many women who had abortions and I do find most DO mourn. They are not the completely heartless...

Would Texas medicaid cover an abortion?
No, in your situation you would not get a free abortion through Medicaid. I understand that you're afraid, but abortion isn't the answer to your problems. Really, your baby is a great gift to you and you would see that very shortly if you would let your baby live. It's not as scary as you think...