Vacuum abortion ..does it hurt?

Vacuum abortion ..does it hurt?

Vacuum abortion ..does it hurt?


At most you will have some cramping. You do not need general anesthesia for it, they can do a paracervical block, dilate the cervix and do the procedure. They can do the same with a D+C.


It would most likely be painful but you can be given painkillers.


you knew pregnancy would kill you? killing innocence because of your stupidity... disgusting



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What is an example of a philosophical question relating to personhood and abortion?
The fundamental philosophical question regarding abortion is the moral status of the life of the fetus. The issue is resolved by taking into consideration the various natural laws that define the physical state of the fetus. The fetus is not a "life at conception" according to natural abortion...

Is the Mormon church officially against abortion?
If you have an abortion (with the normal exceptions of mothers life, rape, incest) then you might get excommunicated. If you support abortion groups, particularly financially, then you can't go to the Temple. If a guy encourages and pays for an abortion then he might get excommunicated. ...

How soon after taking the abortion pill can you get pregnant?
Whether you are "just curious" or actually asking this question for yourself or someone you know - it's not really appropriate. If you just took an abortion pill - you shouldn't be having sex again until you can be responsible and mature about the choices you are making. Period.

Christians, if I had three abortions will I go to hell?
You are on the right track. Getting someone's forgiveness can sometimes be easier than forgiving one's self. You need to tell yourself that you forgive yourself when this feeling of guilt comes back to you. You also need to work on loving yourself. I know it is hard to do when you've made...

What are womens rights in geting abortions?
Well.. they should be able to get an abortion without parental consent. And up to to 24 weeks (I believe, is the law). There should be privacy, as with all medical procedures. And I think it should be government funded (if no insurance covers it). But it's not. Women pay out of their a$$es...