Vacuum abortion ..does it hurt?

Vacuum abortion ..does it hurt?

Vacuum abortion ..does it hurt?


At most you will have some cramping. You do not need general anesthesia for it, they can do a paracervical block, dilate the cervix and do the procedure. They can do the same with a D+C.


It would most likely be painful but you can be given painkillers.


you knew pregnancy would kill you? killing innocence because of your stupidity... disgusting



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Califronia's Medicaid Offices - Get emergency coverage to pay for your abortion if you qualify Some other funding specifically for California - This will help you find a clinic that takes Medicaid/MediCal...

Abortion laws in Florida?
sorry i cant help you with the laws in florida, but do you know wht day in your cycle your at? themost fertile days are 2 weeks after your period ends. its goo that you use a condom but unfortunately little mishaps happen liek this. maybe you can try to get your mom to get you to the doctors...

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It is not to early to take the abortion pill. & it is iffy if it is to early for a test or not. I have read that if it is after implantation then a first response test can detect it. It is always worth a try. You could go to the dr as well they can do a blood test but it is possible its still...

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