Utilitarian View on Abortion?

Utilitarian View on Abortion?

Utilitarian View on Abortion?


The negative effects of abortion is that it acclimatizes people to view life as a commodity that can be thrown away whenever it's convenient. When other mammals commit infanticide in mass, it's a symptom of something gone awry within the environment (toxicity, sudden lack of resource) or something highly dysfunctional within the group cohesion. Humans, having advanced self awareness, tend to value life during more enlightened culture cycles. Eugenics and infanticide is a sign that society is becoming more primal, degenerating into a lower conscious state.


Selective abortions can skew demographics. E,g,, aborting female babies upsets the natural ratio of males to females in a population.



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Do home remedy abortions work?
yes they can, it is dangerous though and can make the woman doing it very sick. some women have had great experiences with this others really bad. your safest bet is to go get the abortion pill RU 486 from a doctor at a place like planned parenthood. for herbal abortions they must be done...

Is the foundation "live action" a poltical hit squad for planned parenthood?
So you are blaming someone for being against an organization that promotes abortion as a means of contraception? No offense intended but planned parenthood is kind of a hard organization to defend. They are no different than any other political agenda driven organization. I don't see planned...

What was the state of abortion in the U.S. in 1927?
Abortion in 1927 was illegal in every US state. and had been for about 40 years, Abortion was originally made illegal not because of any concerns about the fetus being alive but because 19th century medicine and medical tools being sterile resulted in the deaths of many women getting abortions...

Is there any abortion clinic in MN that accepts medicaid coverage for people that have a low income?
Planned Parenthood is the major provider of free or low cost abortions in the country.

Severe cramping and nausea after abortion?
You should see a doctor and also take a pregnancy test to see if you are pregnant again. I don't believe what you did was smart or right and I suggest you rethink having a child right now. I understand trying to please a bf and being pressured but you need to put your foot down. Getting pregnant...