Utilitarian View on Abortion?

Utilitarian View on Abortion?

Utilitarian View on Abortion?


The negative effects of abortion is that it acclimatizes people to view life as a commodity that can be thrown away whenever it's convenient. When other mammals commit infanticide in mass, it's a symptom of something gone awry within the environment (toxicity, sudden lack of resource) or something highly dysfunctional within the group cohesion. Humans, having advanced self awareness, tend to value life during more enlightened culture cycles. Eugenics and infanticide is a sign that society is becoming more primal, degenerating into a lower conscious state.


Selective abortions can skew demographics. E,g,, aborting female babies upsets the natural ratio of males to females in a population.



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I'm from West Virginia. you can get an abortion. please do otherwise your kids gonna end up being a meth head or on oxycontin.

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NO!! That isn't normal at all. You need to be checked out A.S.A.P. After (almost) 4 weeks your body should be well on the mend. Perhaps a little bit of spotting, but not bleeding to the amount you describe. The vomiting and fatigue is probably related to your excessive bleeding. Are there clots...