Utilitarian View on Abortion?

Utilitarian View on Abortion?

Utilitarian View on Abortion?


The negative effects of abortion is that it acclimatizes people to view life as a commodity that can be thrown away whenever it's convenient. When other mammals commit infanticide in mass, it's a symptom of something gone awry within the environment (toxicity, sudden lack of resource) or something highly dysfunctional within the group cohesion. Humans, having advanced self awareness, tend to value life during more enlightened culture cycles. Eugenics and infanticide is a sign that society is becoming more primal, degenerating into a lower conscious state.


Selective abortions can skew demographics. E,g,, aborting female babies upsets the natural ratio of males to females in a population.



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Don't abort. You know you can't kill your own precious baby, your flesh and blood. How would you feel on the day your baby is scheduled to be born, knowing that you paid to snuff out his/her innocent life. You will be haunted by regrets, what ifs, and emotional pain for the rest of your life...

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The morning after pill is pretty common here in the states these days too. And its not a manner of abortion. At that point, there is nothing to abort. The morning after pill would prevent a fertilized egg from implanting in a woman's uterus. Once the egg implants, the pregnancy begins, and...

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Can I ask why you need advice on this? Just so you are aware a 20 week feotus does have the capability of surviving being born at that stage. The outcome is a low percentage but I personally know a 20 week gestation baby being born, she is now 32 years old. Is there a medical reason? Im confused...