Unprotected sex with my boyfriend 2 days after an abortion?

Unprotected sex with my boyfriend 2 days after an abortion?

Unprotected sex with my boyfriend 2 days after an abortion?


You people are so inconsiderate and assholes!!! Leave this poor girl alone! Keep your bad opinions to your damn self. You don't know everything! You don't know her situation. And I'm with her 100% I had an abortion 2 days ago!!! And yes it was a mistake to do but she already feels bad enough!! Quit making it worse for her!! I'm sorry these people are s ch dicks honey. I'm right here with ya.


Contraception really needs to be used more! why wasnt you on the pill from the beginning then maybe there wouldn't have been a abortion. I think maybe you need to take sex more seriously its not all about having fun it's actually the way new life is formed obviously you know that so why don't you have the coil or maybe implant in the arm. And use condoms then maybe you will be more safer as you may forget to take the pill one day and this will all happen again


Some people just never learn from there mistakes. I didn't think you were even meant to have sex 2 days after a termination you put yourself at risk of a serious infection and as you know now pregnancy. I really hope the idea to have sex was your idea and not your boyfriend putting pressure on you to do it 2 days after a termination. If it was your boyfriend then you need to get rid of him. I do believe mistakes happen and very much believe in pro choice but this is pathetic maybe you should take the time to research contraception instead of having sex.


I mean you really expect no bad comments with a question like this. I have no respect for someone who had an abortion no matter the situation. I'm gonna have to ask you to abstain from sex all together until your married & 100% ready for a baby. Which considering you had an abortion I'm pretty sure you will never be ready.. Quit murdering babies. K? Thanks..


I think you should listen to alllllll the other comments on the last 2 post you did... your most likely Going to get the same answers


I agree with the first answer. If you want to be stupid then deal with it.



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