True facts about abortion.?

True facts about abortion.?

True facts about abortion.?


I'm not sure what you're going to get out of posting this here except for maybe ideas of where to go. So here goes: Try looking at webMD. I am not a huge fan of the site, but I feel like they might have what you are looking for. Go to a planned parenthood and ask your questions. If you are doing this for a school project, they will be more than happy to help. Best of luck to you!


go to they have tons of info and what a girl goes thru afterwards physically, emotional, ect..


google it. or you can look at planned parenthoods website, they may have links.


You can search at


http: gON-8PP6z...



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Abortion laws?
I believe abortion is legal in every state, however some states may have a limit as to how late you can have an abortion (number of weeks gestation). Some states may allow first trimester abortions only, or second trimester abortions only in case of medical urgency. I don't believe that parental...

What is the latest in pregnancy you can get an abortion?
Why would you want to wait until the last possible second to get an abortion? That is very cruel and almost sounds like you want to punish your baby for YOUR error in judgement. It's between 12-20 weeks, depending on your state. Unfortunately, people don't give a crap enough anymore to lower...

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The Komen foundation has given money to Planned Parenthood. Critics said that by giving Planned Parenthood money it defeated Komen's quest(to help reduce/eliminate breast cancer) because studies have shown abortion and chemical birth control can lead to breast cancer. ps. I don't see why this...

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I could'nt bring myself to watch it just because it is cruel and imagine how the baby does feel when getting aborted.. the baby has a heartbeat and brain waves.. He is one minute safe and sound with in their mommys belly and then the next minute the mom is choosing to forver end their life...

Can the mirena cause spontaneous abortion?
Yes, Mirena can prevent a newly conceived baby from implanting in your womb, causing him or her to die. You may be told that Mirena does not cause abortion, but this is based on the incorrect notion that pregnancy begins at implantation. This is scientifically false and intentionally misleading...