TN Laws on Birth Certificate?

TN Laws on Birth Certificate?

TN Laws on Birth Certificate?



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I have 3 month baby and now i am pregnant!! Abortion pill?
The abortion pill you are taking about is dangeruous it has killed over 8 women. it has side effects such as excessive bleeding infection, and incompelete abortions where ou would then have to go and have a surgial abortion. It can cause tissue of the baby to be left inside and cause sepsis...

What is anti-abortion legislation?
Before Roe v Wade, some states completely banned safe and legal abortion. All american women should be entitled to the same protection of their privacy under the law - no matter which state they live in.

Who replaced sandra day o'connor on the us supreme court?
On July 1, 2005, Associate Justice Sandra Day O'Connor sent a letter to President George W. Bush, announcing her retirement from the Supreme Court effective upon the confirmation of a successor. President Bush first nominated John Roberts to the vacancy- however, when Chief Justice of the United...

Can we all agree on a timeline when abortion is "murder" and when it's a...?
Well, the thing is that it's never murder. In order for an abortion to be performed, the fetus has to be in the uterus. If the fetus is inside of the uterus, then it has no been born. If it has not been born, it is not a person. If it is not a person, then you can not murder it. If it is not...