Thoughts about an OK bill that would force a woman to have an ultrasound if they were they wanted an abortion?

Thoughts about an OK bill that would force a woman to have an ultrasound if they were they wanted an abortion?

Thoughts about an OK bill that would force a woman to have an ultrasound if they were they wanted an abortion?


Nova is precisely right. A law that requires doctors to lie to their patients and read from a State-chosen script they likely do not agree with is absolutely ludicrous. What's next, women have to stand on their head for 45 minutes before they can get an abortion?


That is absolutely unspeakable... I had a termination when I was very young & didn't know how far pregnant I was so they wanted me to go for a scan.... it was crystal clear from my notes the purpose for my visit... In the ante-natal unit a very religious catholic nurse kept pointing at the screen & pointing out "that's your baby" yes, thank you very much for your opinion you pious judgemental christian b*tch, I can see that.... Did she think it was a decision I was making lightly?... being involved with & pregnant by a violent drug addict is something I hope she will never have to experience, & I'll remember her actions until my dying day.....


I'm all for women taking a look at what they're about to do and understanding exactly what they're giving up, but government intervention is a big no no.


hadn't heard of that , but good on that judge. this is clearly contrary to the letter and spirit of roe v. wade - that a woman can decide on her own medical care.


That's outrageous. Why do anti abortion people think women makes these decisions lightly?



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