Are there abortion clinics that carry out abortion procedures for FREE?

Are there abortion clinics that carry out abortion procedures for FREE?

Are there abortion clinics that carry out abortion procedures for FREE?


I'm not sure how America and health care works as I'm from the UK where everything health related is free. Maybe you could check it out online. As for abortions, it depends how far she was. If she was under 10 weeks she would have had to take a pill, MAYBE stay in for observation for half an hour and then she's free to get on with life. Even if she has a surgical where they suck the baby out it only takes 10 minutes to do the procedure. & depending on the person they may be allowed to leave right away. Abortion clinics are usually open until all hours as many people have to stay overnight.


No. Noone does it for free lol. And you have to talk to the doctor at the clinic a week ahead of time on the phone. They're usually scheduled a week or two in advance, and you must be at least 6 weeks or later into your pregnancy for a surgical. Its around 400-1000 dollars EVERYWHERE. The actualy abortion procedure takes 5 to 10 minutes. Tops. But you're in the waiting room for around 4 hours (in the majority of clinics its an all day process of waiting). So I guess the whole thing takes around that.



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